Dragon1 as digital platform for Co-Creating and Managing Enterprise Architecture, is fit for purpose for TOGAF.

Dragon1 is an integrated set of web applications, enabling you to do amazing things.

The core Dragon1 web applications are:

  • Digital Workplace
  • Architecture Repository
  • Visual Designer
  • Content Viewer

With these applications you can collaborate on collecting data, co-create models and views and share visualizations with your stakeholders.

Digital Workplace

Here you manage your projects, clients and contacts. You checkout templates, tutorials and access your other web applications.

togaf digital workplace projects

Architecture Repository

Below you see screenshots of the Architecture Repository. These show that you can enter all the data you need working TOGAF compliant.

togaf architecture repository basic entities

togaf architecture repository glossary terms

Visual Designer

Below you see screenshots of the Visual Designer. These show that you can model and visualize any TOGAF artifact.

togaf visual designer architecture diagram

togaf visual designer meta model

Content Viewer

Below you see screenshots of the Content Viewer. These show that you can publish any visualization for maximum stakeholder involvement.

content viewer

Got Interested? Get Started Now!

If you are interested in using Dragon1 as TOGAF Tool, you can create a free trial account on Dragon1 (no credit card required!). For any questions please mail us at