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An Architect without a Repository Tool, is like a bookkeeper using Excel

Dynamic EA models

Dragon1 is a SaaS platform for enterprise architecture with a suite of web applications.

These applications together can be used as a generic EA Tool, but also as a specialized ArchiMate Tool. You can model in v2.1 and v3.0 with rules enforced during the modeling or checked afterward.

Use Dragon 1 to create dynamic Architecture Diagrams, ArchiMate, and TOGAF Views and Viewpoints and UML models.

Use Dragon1 as your ArchiMate Tool for modeling beautiful static and interactive Architecture Diagrams and Viewpoints.

Example of a Gap Analysis of business architecture.

Main Benefits and Features

Dragon 1 as ArchiMate Software Tool offers what no other software tool offers:

  • Modeling your Architecture Viewpoints online

  • Creating Interactive Diagrams (Click Through, Tracking and Tracing, Popup Dialogs)

  • Publishing your views with workflow and comment features to any device

  • Use Robots, Drones, Technologies, and Activities as extensions in your diagrams

You see it! On Dragon1, we take the next step.

Not only you can model your diagrams. You can also publish them and have stakeholders provide feedback to you via comments they add to the diagram. You can even attach a workflow to your diagrams or communicate the latest updates and changes to your model, view, viewpoint, or diagram.

New technologies are already waiting on your doorstep. Sooner or later, every organization will be incorporating Robots and Drones in their products, services, and processes.

With Dragon 1 you are ready for the future. Use Robots, Drones, and Technology as modeling concepts in your architecture diagrams and viewpoints.

Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Tool. Purchase your Dragon1 PRO user license here and later today you will have created your first static or dynamic architecture diagrams.

Your starting point is the Get Started on the Help and Learn.

Dragon1 Loves ArchiMate

dragon1 archimate

Do you have a single XML file or a repository with many Archimate files?


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Why use Dragon 1 as your ArchiMate Tool?

The best EA solution for online architecture modeling

ArchiMate Tool is the usage of Dragon 1, an online modeling & software tool, to create standard Viewpoints and Diagrams. An online software tool used by Enterprise Architects all over the world. It offers you the ability to create static and interactive models and import/export with other architecture modeling tools via XMI/XML.

You can Manage with Architecture

Maybe the best feature of Dragon1 as an EA Solution is that you can manage with your architecture models. You can create interactive click-through diagrams with color and figure indicators and popups, showing all kinds of background information. With this, you can turn your EA diagrams into Tablet PC report views.

About ArchiMate

ArchiMate is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture, managed by The Open Group. It supports the design, analysis, modeling, and visualization of architecture in and across domains in the organization: from business to applications to technology and vice versa.

There is the unique option that you can work with pure Archi Mate but also combine it with other languages and meta models like TOGAF, BPMN, and UML. You can decide what powerful parts of languages you combine into new modeling languages.

archimate metamodel

Compliant to ArchiMate 2.1 and 3.0

Dragon 1 smartly supports you by using versions 2.1 and 3.0 of the modeling language, the latest version, to create the best Viewpoints and Views possible for your architecture. You can work as an individual and as a team to create models, views, viewpoints, and diagrams.

The platform provides the unique option of doing strict modeling and loose modeling. Strict modeling means that the software prevents you from trespassing under language modeling rules. Loose modeling means that the software allows you to model anything you want in the way you want it. Afterward, you still can check compliance with the modeling language.

Dynamic Views and Viewpoints

An important part of the Archimate language is Viewpoints and Views. Viewpoints are defined as a point where you are looking from (a certain job or role) towards something. Views are defined as what you see when looking from a viewpoint. Examples of defined viewpoints in ArchiMate are: introductory viewpoint, organization viewpoint, business viewpoint, process viewpoint, application viewpoint, and infrastructure viewpoint.

Dragon 1 lets you work smartly and is unique using ArchiMate. You create models existing of related data entities. Next, you define viewpoint rules. Then you apply those viewpoints with their rules to models, which results in views. In this way, if you change data that is part of a model, the views are automatically changed. You don't draw your viewpoints and views, but you define viewpoints and generate views.

ArchiMate Modeling Channel

Suppose you are stuck as a user. You have this writer's block as an Architect. Just check out the ArchiMate modeling channel. Fellow users of the software have created models, viewpoints, and views and published them publicly in the channel. And maybe in time, you will also contribute to the Dragon 1 community.

Context Sensitive Help

If you want, you are provided with help on modeling in ArchiMate. The definitions for the modeling concepts, examples of models, allowed and disallowed relationships, and examples of views and viewpoints. Everything that is part of the language is right there under a button.

Just press the help button and you will automatically get the ArchiMate help page that is related to the concept, viewpoint, or view you are busy with. And also the matrix of relationships and the ArchiMate metamodel plus its extension are one click away.

Architecture Repository

The Architecture Repository is the application to enter and import data and entities and create relationships between your data entities. The Architecture Repository helps you to keep your data managed, clean, and available for modelling. Because ArchiMate is about viewpoints and views you need extra or rich data in attributes to create (or better generate) meaningful viewpoints and views.

Diagrams with only names of applications and processes are not that interesting. The Architecture repository allows you to enter as many attributes for any data entities you like, such as photos and videos, documents and texts, figures and facts. Anything to create meaningful views in the end.

Another important feature of the Architecture Repository is the ability to extend modeling languages with shapes, rules, constraints, and roles, so they fit your situation and let discussions take place at the right time by the right people on how to apply a standard.

You can import and define Modeling Language Shapes in your own Shapes Collection, new Concepts, extend the Meta Model of the Modeling Language, and store naming conventions rules.

Visual Designer

The Visual Designer is the application to create, visualize, and generate metamodels, models, viewpoints, views, and scenarios. Dragon 1 works in a unique way with a visualization canvas that is connected to a view and a view being a filter of a model.

In the Visual Designer, you draw shapes on the visualization canvas, just like you are used to in many other drawing tools. But they are smart shapes.

Visual Items are like post-its that show configured shapes based on entities of data that are available in a stream flowing to your canvas. And also you can set the pattern in the shapes drawn per visual item on the canvas.

This way of working allows you to draw visualization templates that generate a view-based visualization. When the data in the model changes, you don't need to do anything to change the visualization template. Automatically this gets updated.

Add Value to your Company through ArchiMate

Enjoy working with Dragon1 as your ArchiMate Data Modelling Tool!

If you are excited to use Dragon 1 as ArchiMate Tool, create a free trial account (no credit card required!). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them via

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