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The Value of Enterprise Architecture Explained

Mark Paauwe 2/10/2019

The First 100 Days as an Enterprise Architect

Mark Paauwe 11/27/2018

Enterprise Architecture Maturity

Michael Fulton 4/2/2018

DEMO Excellence in Rapid Design of Large Enterprises

Hans Mulder 2/12/2018

What a reference architecture, framework, method and tool do for us

Adrian Grigoriu 12/13/2017

The Program Manager is no Enterprise Architect

Adrian Grigoriu 11/8/2017

Why should we use a single source of truth repository in our company

Mark Paauwe 11/5/2017

Why do we use Frameworks or Employ Architecture

Adrian Grigoriu 11/5/2017

Does a Conceptual Data Model contain Attributes?

Mark Paauwe 11/3/2017

Driving Digital Transformation With Business Architecture

Whynde Kuehn 10/24/2017

Value Streams are Pure Gold for Business Architecture

Mark Paauwe 10/23/2017

Survey on EA Maturity and quality of IT investment decisions

Martin van den Berg 6/10/2017

How To Design Architecture Principles

Mark Paauwe 4/13/2017

Views on Architecture Principles

Mark Paauwe 4/9/2017

Defining Roles and Responsibilities in Whole-Enterprise EA

Marc Gewertz 4/6/2017

What Are The Top 10 Architecture Principles Of The American Winner Enterprise

Mark Paauwe 4/6/2017

Architecture Principles & Patterns Framework

Mark Paauwe 4/4/2017

Nobody Ever Appreciates the Cost Savings in a Problem that Never Happens!

Marc Gewertz 4/3/2017

Why a CV in ArchiMate

Charles Edwards 4/3/2017

Basic Elements of Enterprise Architecture: Point, Line, Plane and Volume

Mark Paauwe 4/1/2017

Speed Modeling for IT Managers

Mark Paauwe 3/22/2017

Step-by-Step guide for Business Professionals

Mark Paauwe 3/11/2017

Never use the word Enterprise Architecture with Clients

Mark Paauwe 2/18/2017

Business Blueprinting

Mark Paauwe 1/31/2017

Generating Drill Down Application Landscapes

Mark Paauwe 1/30/2017

Pure Logic: Making Archimate More Useful

Mark Paauwe 12/20/2016

Modern View of Business Capabilities

Mark Paauwe 12/17/2016

e-HRM pakketselectie visualisatie

Ad Paauwe 1/20/2016

ArchiMate Business Services in Healthcare

Mark Paauwe 12/16/2015

Document Enterprise Architecture using Conceptual Modeling

Mark Paauwe 12/16/2015

What if Organizations are fooled by Enterprise Modeling

Mark Paauwe 12/15/2015

ArchiMate Structures Business Layer in Meta Model

Mark Paauwe 12/11/2015

It is a Balloon | EA Blog

Laurent Fraters-Yeşiltepe 8/17/2015

It is a Rainy Day | EA Blog

Laurent Fraters-Yeşiltepe 7/16/2015

Working with Indicators in the Architecture Repository

Mark Paauwe 7/2/2015

Application Landscaping with Icons and Colors

Mark Paauwe 6/29/2015

It has a Tail | EA Blog

Laurent Fraters-Yeşiltepe 6/15/2015

How To Do Quick Visual Problem Solving

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Smart IT Project Checklist to Prevent Failure

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

How does Dragon1 help out projects?

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Next Step for Certified TOGAF and ArchiMate Architects

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Enterprise Architecture is about CxOs making the enterprise future proof

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Can Visual Enterprise Architecture be done by anyone?

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Application Rationalization - 10 Rules and Guidelines

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

What are top priority views of your Application Landscape

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Chart your Project with a Project Landscape Map

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Seven reasons why Enterprise Architects need an EA Tool

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

13 Principles for Decision Making by the CIO

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

An Example Vision - Invest in XL Sports Camper Vehicles!

Mark Paauwe 5/1/2015

Any vision is worth its weight in gold

Mark Paauwe 4/10/2015

Enterprise Architecture Framework - for Projects

Mark Paauwe 4/1/2015

Application Rationalization Approach Tool How Compile a List of Applications

Mark Paauwe 11/20/2013