Can Visual Enterprise Architecture be done by anyone?

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Mark Paauwe

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Can Visual Enterprise Architecture be done by anyone?

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I got the following question via Twitter from a follower: "Can Visual Enterprise Architecture be done by anyone, or are some skills required, like graphics, which hardly any architect has?"

This question is definitely coming from someone who wants to know what it takes to become a successful Visual Enterprise Architect.

Is Visual Enterprise Architecture (EA) for Everyone?

To start with the straightforward answer: Yes, Visual Enterprise Architecture can be done by anyone. You DO NOT need any graphics skills. you do not need to be a gifted cartoonist to be a successful visual enterprise architect. Although a little feeling of withdrawing the core of a problem or solution helps.

What are Essential Skills for Enterprise Architecture?

What you do need is to be curious. You must be intrigued by how to design an integrated solution, using new and old concepts, that fulfill a lot of different requirements, some of which might even be contradictory. And next, you must like it to communicate the solution and supervise its realization.

Why is Enterprise Architecture (EA) so important?

Enterprise Architecture is so important because businesses are more and more dependent on information, data, and technology. So we need more architects who understand the EA tools, enterprise software, frameworks, concepts, and arguments for architecting the future of our companies.

Visually Architecting the Future of your Enterprise, how to do that?

In a nutshell doing visual enterprise architecture comes down to identifying the larger but specialized business & IT concepts that make up the architecture of the enterprise and with that bridge the gap between strategy and business change in an organization.

That's all!... But that requires some knowledge of business and IT concepts (techniques, standards, trends, etc...) in general. For instance, you have to know about cross-selling but also about cloud computing to be able to come up with a digital architectural (total concept) solution for a brick-and-mortar sales issue.

Do you need to know many Business and IT Concepts?

So the catch in being a successful visual enterprise architect lies in how well you know the possible and correct larger business & IT concepts for a certain strategy or type of enterprise. And for that, some of us need a bit of experience, creativity, and experts or specialists in the field (to which work can be delegated). And what I often try to do is to copy concepts from other sciences like Nature to the field of Enterprise Architecture, for that extra touch and personal fingerprint in the architectural solution.

How to Bridge the gap between Strategy and Digital Transformation?

If you want to know more about bridging the gap between strategy and business change (or digital transformation) with the correct architecture, you might take a look at the Enterprise Architecture & Performance Framework. That will explain a lot more about doing Visual Enterprise Architecture.

Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to check it out again soon!

Mark Paauwe

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