Why a CV in ArchiMate?

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Charles Edwards


Agile Enterprise Architecture

Why a CV in ArchiMate


The thought process was that since I am an Architect selling myself to other Architects if I was to demonstrate some of the capabilities I am trying to sell the prospective clients out there, then why not use the very technique I would use in doing Enterprise Architecture to do the CV?

After all, the target markets, are the business and technical people in the business who require these very models. Also since the role is Architect, then an Architecture model describing what Architecture had been done before would be a good sample of my work.

Agreed, one has to get past the Agents and HR people in the process of reaching the end client representatives, some of whom would probably think I had sent in the incorrect document instead of my CV, but I thought I would send them both versions of the CV in any case, the textual version and the modeled version to get around that small challenge.

Challenge to other Enterprise Architects

I also thought it was unique and different because many of the Architects I know wouldn't even be able to / nor interested in modeling in Archimate, so I saw it as a bit of a challenge to other Architects too.

CV in ArchiMate

I have done my CV mainly in Archimate Notation. For those not familiar with this you can find an Archimate V3 Key in the specification. This CV is organized chronologically from most recent to role going back in time.

2017-01-to-2017-02 - Sanlam - Enterprise Architect Role

my cv in archimate
Read my full CV here.

This is a work in progress and will continually be re-factored over the next while.