It’s a Balloon

Monday, August 17, 2015 | Likes: 0 | Comments: 0
It is a Balloon | EA Blog

Shall we go to the beach it is a beautiful day?
Do you like to read this book? It is about management, in the way we discussed it.
Shouldn’t we redecorate and paint the living room, the walls are nearly gray?
How many requests do you get in one day?

I’m not really helping myself; every request triggers new ideas for projects. I could start new projects every day. It is like a balloon. You think it can go bigger, pomp in extra projects. It looks like it will never end. You’re so full of ideas; you don’t see it is nearly bursting.

You also like to do some reading and have a good time with your wife and children. So you look for a way to manage your time. There are a lot of time tracking tools and even websites to ‘hack your life’ in a way that you will be more productive. Reading all those tips on these websites and trying all the time tracking tools to see what works for me, consumes more of my time and brings all kinds of new ideas into my heart. Where to stop? What to do? My head cries No, No, No more.

Start to say NO.

Listen to your heart.

What do you really want to do? Say you are 80 years old and look back on your life. What are the things you are really proud of? The things you did that made you grow. And the other side of the medal, a thing not worth mentioning here. Things you had to say no, but you didn’t.

So learn to say No, or even better learn to listen to your heart.

Because it is a balloon, and yes it will burst.