Your Step-by-Step Guide to Learn Dragon1 Quickly

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Mark Paauwe

Sales Director

Dragon1 Inc

Step-by-Step guide for Business Professionals

Dragon1 is a digital platform for you as a business professional to create and monitor solutions for building future-proof enterprises.

The platform has a section for social business networking and a section for business process modeling and enterprise architecture.

To make it easier for you to learn and use Dragon1, to deal with your challenges, and to get support in all your work, we have created a Step-by-Step guide for you. You may call it Dragon1 for Dummies and you may call it a Get Started guide. Either way, you do not need any knowledge beforehand and it will get you started.

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Dragon1 has a lot to offer you as Business Professional

Below is a sheet from the Step-by-Step guide giving you an overview of the important Dragon1 modules and features.

4 Modules for every Business Professional

The Step-by-Step Guide is targeted at all business professionals out there. Whether you are an IT manager, systems developer, enterprise architect, or business analyst, this guide is of use to you.

This guide consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Start-up and Configure your Workplace
  • Module 2: Explore Visualization Templates
  • Module 3: Explore Business Process Modeling
  • Module 4: Explore Business Blueprinting

These 4 modules are set up as real lessons and you can follow them in your own time at your own pace.

Module 1: Start-up and Configure your Workplace

In this module you will start working with Dragon1 and configure your workplace for messaging, modeling, sharing, and reporting.

One of the results of this module is that you will have a workplace with an overview of all the important things for your work and quick access to that information.

Module 2: Explore Visualization Templates

Let Dragon1 do all the work for you if you want to create a model, diagram, visualization, or presentation. Make use of templates!

The exercise in module 2 teaches you to make use of a visualization template as you see here below.

Module 3: Explore Business Process Modeling

Everyone will once need to make a business process model. Dragon1 is a perfect fit for that. You can create formal models and informal diagrams. If you do the exercise in Module 3 you will create a process model that may look like the one below.

Module 4: Explore Business Blueprinting

Dragon1 is a digital platform for the real stuff. If you need a business blueprint to manage the strategic transformation in your enterprise, then Dragon1 is what you are looking for.

Just do the exercise of Module 4 in the Step-by-Step guide and you will create a 2d or 3d business blueprint, like the 2d here below.

But wait, there's more: you can also generate a roadmap from it and monitor progress on it.

Create an account

To download the Step-by-Step guide and do the exercises, you first need to create an account on Dragon1 here. Click on the next link: Create an account. Login and download the Step by Step and get going by yourself.