What are the top priority views of your Application Landscape?

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Mark Paauwe

Sales Director

Dragon1 Inc

What are top priority views of your Application Landscape

A lot of people are asking me what views they should create of their Application Landscape.

The How To Create an Application Landscape Diagram Tutorial page gets you going, but leaves some questions.

List of Views

In my opinion, you can create/generate an endless list of useful (management report) views of your application landscape, but here is a list of top views you can consider creating/generating:

  • Management Overview
  • Application Modules Functions View
  • Replacable Modules View
  • Loosely Coupling View
  • Dependency View (of Applications, Objects, Interfaces, and Databases)
  • Applications Reuse View
  • Deduplication options of Applications, Modules, and Functions View (Duplicate Applications View)
  • Obselete and Outdated Applications View (I often call this the dead tree view)
  • Single Software Suppliers / Products Dependency View (where are we dependent on one supplier for solutions)
  • Too Expensive Applications View
  • Single Point of Failure (SPOF) View
  • TCO View
  • Ownership View
  • Software Update Maintenance View
  • Users vs Licenses View
  • Roles Access View
  • Security Leaks View
  • Architecture Principles View
  • Open Standards vs Proprietary View
  • Industry Standards Compliancy View
  • Reference Architecture Compliancy View
  • Application Lifecycle Management View
  • Project Impact View (With processes, applications, and technical systems)
  • Business functions View per domain
  • Applications functions view per domain
  • Technical details view vs Functional details view
  • Impact of change view (insert or remove information systems, application groups/suites, applications, modules or application functions)
  • Date time filter
  • Organization specific AS-IS, Plateaus & TO-BE Views
  • Single source of truth view of data & applications (overview of sources for certain business/information objects)
  • Vendors / Supplier view
  • Data dictionary view
  • Application Service Management View *** - cases available on how to save costs

The Application Landscape focuses mainly on applications (and their databases, data objects, and interfaces), processes and servers are often excluded.
Views, where processes and servers are included with applications, are not so much applications landscape views but rather IT landscape views, Business landscape views, and enterprise landscape views.

We will give examples of some of these views on the How-To page soon, based on the input we get here.

So I am very much interested in what views you need or already work with on your Application Landscape. What do you consider to be top priority application landscape views to create for your management to make decisions with?

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