Application Management

Application Management as Solution

Dragon1 as your personal Innovation Lab for you as business professional is perfectly fit for Application Management. Any Application Landscape can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed on Dragon1.

Application Landscape

Application Management as area deals with the application landscape definition of an organization. Application Management is about managing all the applications of an organization.

An Application Landscape is the coherent set of applications of an organization. Often the goal of Application Management is to reduce the costs and lower complexity of the Application Landscape in order to keep the application landscape agile and fit for use for the business (processes).

Many users on Dragon1 create and manage their Application Landscape using by means of views and visualizations of the application landscape.

Application Landscape Diagram

The management overview of the application landscape is often visualized in an Application Landscape Diagram. Here's a typical example of an Application Landscape Diagram created on Dragon1.

On Dragon1 we have a template, checklist, tutorial and much more for you to create an application landscape in a short period of time. You will be managing your Application Landscape in no time, reducing costs and lowering complexity.

Application Portfolio Management

On Dragon1 it is very easy to manage, rationalize, maintain and control the set of applications you have. You can even create an application architecture for your company on Dragon1.

Application Rationalization

Use Dragon1 to find out visually what applications you need now and in the future for the organization and with that save a lot of time, money and resources.

Application Elements and Application Components

Most commonly people create an EA repository for their applications at logical, physical and implementational level. You can administer, store and model them in any way you want in de the repository.

Application Concepts and Application Principles

It is not only important to know of the structure of your application landscape at logical and physical and implementational level. In relation to your enterprise strategy it is more than important to know the conceptual level and the application principles.

Application Patterns and Anti Patterns

When analyzing or designing your application landscape one can make use of common patterns, building blocks and principles in Dragon1.Also one can define own new pattern, building blocks and principles on Dragon1.

Application Management on Dragon1

Dragon1 as online collaboration platform and digital workplace is fit for application management in your way. You can manage your application portfolio, create application landscape overviews, improve the application architecture and rationalize the application landscape. Dragon1 supports you in reducing complexity and saving costs in your application landscape.

Are you interested in doing Application Management on Dragon1?