Business Development Solution

Business Development as Solution

On Dragon1, it is easy to manage your strategy portfolio, meaning you can administer, store, model, visualize and thus manage the various strategic directions, business cases and transformation programs you have and connect the dots much more.

business development

So you will have a managable and consistent overview of your business cases, business drivers and strategic options in no time.

Business Landscape Architecture Maps

Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and Business Process Architecture are fields of science for which it is useful to create insights and overviews of your Business Process landscape in order to be able to manage them better.

Business Elements and Business Components

Most commonly people create an EA repository for their business at a logical, physical and implementation level. All the important elements can be stored on Dragon1 and with those elements, you can create models and visualizations. And with that, you can support your business decision making much better, than without visuals

Business Concepts and Business Principles

It is not only important to know of the structure of your Business Process landscape at logical and physical and implementation levels. In relation to your business strategy, it is more than important to know the conceptual level and the Business Process principles.

Business Patterns and Anti Patterns

Of course, your organization is unique and your strategy the one of a kind. That said, you can compose your unique organization and strategy out of common building blocks, principles and patterns and once in a while create your own unique building block, principle and pattern. And even more fundamentally you can use principles and patterns to base your buildings blocks upon.

Are you interested in doing Business Development on Dragon1?

Dragon1 as an online collaboration platform and the digital workplace is fit for Business Development in your way. You can manage your Business Process portfolio, create Business Process Landscape overviews, improve the Business Process architecture and rationalize the Business Process Landscape. Dragon1 supports you in reducing complexity and saving costs in your Business Process Landscape.

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