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A healthcare company approached us through the internet because they were in need of a process modeling tool to do business process redesign / BPR with BPMN and communicate their new lean processes to all employees and suppliers, using interactive visualizations with clickable / mouseover popups to provide background information on the processes.

We rolled out our BPM Tool as part of the Dragon1 platform which addressed their issue of designing processes LEAN and communicating their processes interactively and clickable. This gave them much more control over sending the message and gaining support than otherwise.

Introduction of BPM as Solution

Business Process Management is an area that uses the concept of business processes to deal with the optimizing usage of means, resources, time and money in order to realize business goals and business strategy.

Dragon1 is fit for use for Business Process Management. Especially because Dragon1 provides tools that together form the perfect BPM Tool.

Any Business Model, Business Process, Business Process Architecture, Business Process landscape, Migration Roadmap and more can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed on Dragon1. You can model with ArchiMate, UML, BPMN and design processes LEAN, or any other method or language you choose.

Dragon1 as BPM Tool is made for process designers, business analysts, managers, CxOs, directors, advisors and consultants. For all of these roles, Dragon1 offers a digital workplace for working with Business Process Management together as a group or business network on Dragon1.

Common Issues in Business Process Management

Common issues in Business Process Management are:

  • LEARN: Too few people organization have the right knowledge on LEAN and BPMN business process design
  • CREATE: Too few people organization have the right tools for LEAN and BPMN business process design
  • SHARE: Business Processes are not documented, communicated and shared well enough throughout the organization. People don't know what is expected from them or don't know how business processes should or actually do take place
  • CONTROL: Business Processes are not managed or governed well enough

Using Dragon1 makes you deal with all these issues.

business process management

Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and Business Process Architecture are fields of science for which it is useful to create insights and overviews of your Business Process landscape in order to be able to manage them better.

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Are you interested in doing Business Process Management on Dragon1?

Dragon1, as an online collaboration platform with the digital workplace, is fit for Business Process management in your way.

You can manage your Business Process Portfolio, create Business Process landscape overviews, improve the Business Process architecture and rationalize the Business Process landscape. Dragon1 supports you in reducing complexity and saving costs in your Business Process landscape.