IT Service Management


Any IT Services Landscape can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed on Dragon1, your personal Innovation Lab.

IT Services Landscape Architecture overviews


Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and IT Service Architecture are fields of science that very use full to create insights and overviews of your IT Services Landscape in order to be able to manage them better.

IT Service Management Definition

IT service management, in short ITSM does refer to a set of processes and activities that are carried out by an organization or part of an organization in order plan and deliver and operate and control the IT services offered to the internal customer of the organization. IT Service Management is governed by policies and the work is organized and structured in processes, activities, working instructions and supporting procedures

IT Service Portfolio Management

As modern organization you provide IT services to the business. On Dragon1 you can (re)design, visualize and manage these IT services very well and link them to anyother part in the organization.

IT Service Rationalization

What services do you need, what services are too complex and too expensive? On Dragon1 you can find answers to these questions by running through scenarios of change.

IT Service Elements and IT Service Components

Most commonly people create an EA repository for their IT Services at logical, physical and implementational level. And with that they can create a lot of control over their IT services elements.

IT Service Concepts and IT Service Principles

It is not only important to know of the structure of your IT Services Landscape at logical and physical and implementational level. In relation to your enterprise strategy it is more than important to know the conceptual level and the IT Service principles.

IT Service Patterns and Anti Patterns

Every IT Service landscape is unique, but always generic patterns can be identified in it. And that is also the case for your IT Services landscape. On Dragon1 you can work work patterns, anti patterns, building blocks and principles to reduce the complexity and thus cost, time and resources needed for your IT Services.

IT Service Management on Dragon1

Dragon1 as online collaboration platform and digital workplace is fit for IT Service Management in your way. You can manage your IT Service Portfolio, create IT Services Landscape overviews, improve the IT Service Architecture and rationalize the IT Services Landscape. Dragon1 supports you in reducing complexity and saving costs in your IT Services Landscape.

Are you interested in doing IT Service Management on Dragon1?

Watch here some interactive IT Service Management examples.