IT Service Management

IT Services Landscape Architecture overviews

Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and IT Service Architecture are fields of science that are useful to create insights and overviews of your IT Services Landscape in order to be able to manage them better.

IT Service Management Definition

IT service management in short ITSM does refer to a set of processes and activities that are carried out by an organization or part of an organization in order to plan, deliver, operate and control the IT services offered to the internal customer of the organization. IT Service Management is governed by policies and the work is organized and structured in processes, activities, working instructions and supporting procedures.

IT Service Portfolio Management

As a modern organization you provide IT services to the business. On Dragon1, you can (re)design, visualize and manage these IT services and link them to other parts of the organization.

With service portfolio management you can maintain the list or catalog of your services very well. No longer will any business manager be out of touch with IT or not know what services IT provides. You can even have business managers order new IT services via Dragon1. What about that?

Asset Management

One of the well-known processes as part of IT Service Management is managing your assets. And to be more precise, knowing the life cycle of your assets.

Dragon1 provides you with an asset management tool with which you can build and manage an enterprise repository. You can administer any IT asset (or configuration item as they are named in ITIL).

But also you can administer the life cycle your assets are in and you can even change the default lifecycle stages or choose from a range of default options.

Are you ready for using Dragon1 for IT Service Management?

Dragon1 as online collaboration platform and digital workplace is fit for IT Service Management in your way. Any IT Services Landscape can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed on Dragon1. Watch some examples in the Community channels here.

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