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What can we, Dragon1, do for you?

Design your new IT Governance, Risk and Compliance and Manage your IT Resources.

Let us first share a recent client success to give you some idea of what you can do with Dragon1 in IT Management (change and operations).

An Insurance company approached us because they were in need of an IT Management tool to create a totally new governance model and redesign their services consistently, based on the COBIT Reference Model and some IT GRC Model and they were in need to manage their IT resources with a CMDB Tool. And they also wanted to communicate their new IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Model to all employees en suppliers, using interactive visualizations with clickable / mouseover popups to provide background information on the new IT Governance model.

We provided them with Dragon1 to be used as IT Management Tool and CMDB Tool which addressed their issue of redesigning IT services, IT products and IT processes integrally and fundamentally and they could design their cloud computing enterprise architecture fundamentally.

Also, they could communicate their new IT concepts interactively and clickable to stakeholders. This gave them much more control over sending the message to the stakeholders and gaining their support than otherwise.

Dragon1 as IT Management Tool

Dragon1 can be used perfectly as IT Management Tool by IT Managers, IT workers, Process Designers, Business Analysts, Managers, CxOs, Directors, Advisors and Consultants. For all of these roles, a Digital workplace is in place for creating new IT Management and IT Governance processes and doing IT Management.

Learn, Design, Communicate and Manage IT management processes, IT Management Concepts and IT Governance, Risk and Compliance visually with COBIT.

If you are interested in using Dragon1 as IT Management Tool, read on and learn the products you can create and things you can do on the platform for IT Management.

Introduction of IT Management as Solution

First let us discuss: what is IT Management? IT management is a field of work to provide optimal information technology resources, processes and services in a company needed to execute the business strategy. IT Management supports the business of the company with the right information systems, data, hardware, software, applications, networks, social media facilities and data centers. IT Management also deals with the staff who are hired to maintain the IT resources.

IT Management is an area that uses the concepts of IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance to fundamentally redesign IT Management to support the business strategy as best as they can with IT resources.

Dragon1 enterprise collaboration platform (ECM) is fit for use for IT Management operations and redesign of IT Management. Especially because Dragon1 provides tools that together form the perfect IT Management Tool.

Any IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance concept or process can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed. You can model with ArchiMate, UML, IT Governance, Cobit or any other method or language you choose.

Common Issues in IT Management

Common issues in IT Management are:

  • LEARN: Too few people organization have the right knowledge on IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance
  • CREATE: Too few people organization have the right tools for IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance
  • SHARE: IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance are not documented, communicated and shared well enough throughout the organization. People don't know what is expected from them or don't know how IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance should or actually do take place
  • CONTROL: IT Governance, IT Risk and IT Compliance are not managed or governed well enough

Using Dragon1 makes you dealing with all these issues.

IT Asset Management

Managing your IT Assets is very important. That is why Dragon1 as a solution is perfectly fit to use for IT Asset Management.

You can keep track of the various stages of a lifecycle your IT assets are in. You can report how well they are used and what the impact is of changes in your IT Landscape.

Dragon1 supports gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information and enables you to use it for making decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

To find out how that works, just request a demo.

Below you see a visualization that shows a generic life cycle that every IT asset goes through. It is this life cycle you can manage for IT assets.


A new standard from the Open Group has found its way to many organizations, public and private. The standard is called IT4IT and it is about management and controlling risks.

The IT4IT vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT.

Dragon1 supports working with IT 4 IT. This will make your plan build deliver and run your IT much better.

For more information about IT4IT and about using Dragon1 for IT-4-IT, please contact us via mail or phone.

IT Landscape Diagram / IT Architecture Visualizations

On Dragon1, you can design your IT Environment, IT Architecture and IT Management. You can do it very visually by creating a IT landscape diagram, an IT architecture blueprint visualization and IT Roadmap.

IT Application Portfolio Management

On the platform, it is easy to manage your IT Application portfolio, meaning you can administer, store, model, visualize and thus manage the various IT resources that are part of your IT infrastructure.

You will have a manageable and consistent overview of your IT Resources and IT Architecture in no time.

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