Digital Twins

Digital Twin definition

Digital Twin means creating a digital copy of an object, organism, system or organization.

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a part of the real world, including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behavior.

A Digital Twin is always an abstraction or a model of reality.

A Digital Twin allows you to calculate something and you can clearly see whether the (user) requirements, business rules and (user) interfaces are well specified or whether things are missing. Also, consider the security requirements and other non-functionals.

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Digital Twin Technology

The dragon1 enterprise architecture technology connects different data and systems (using also location data) to create one image that can be consulted throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Dragon1 software improves data collection and integration and provides better visualization in real-time provides advanced analytics and automation to make predictions, such as the impact of changes and enables information sharing and collaboration with others.

By placing objects in context and establishing relationships in a Digital Twin, they help to solve business issues faster.

Dragon1 platform provides insights and an overview into the status of a business asset and IT asset in order to improve the maintenance process for that asset.

Digital Twin Software Example

How to build a Digital Twin. Create Digital Twins of Organizations on Dragon1 Platform

Dragon1 is a SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture and supports digitally mapping organizations and their ecosystems.

Twins and AI

Digital twins are designed to detect and prevent problems, predict performance, and optimize processes through real-time analytics to deliver business value.

digital twin software

IoT Sensors and AI

In all its essence, a digital twin brings data together from multiple sources. It unifies and contextualizes that data.

A digital twin offers a single solution for people and systems to utilize this contextualized data or repository for a variety of use cases.

For instance, predicting how the quality of service of an organization can be improved by using more IoT sensors or AI in applications.

Documentation about the concept of DT:

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Dragon1 is the SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture to support and guide this digitization and to be able to manage the complexity successfully.

Architecting Solutions

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