Auditing Solution


What is Visual Auditing?

On Dragon1, we make use of definitions to create a clear context. So here we state a definition of what is auditing: Auditing is the systematic examination of a companies or organizations books, accounts, documents and vouchers in order to find out if statements or reports present a true and fair view of aspect of the organization or company.

Read more about the what is Audit definition here.

Visual Project Auditing

Everything you on Dragon1 is visual. Also Auditing! If you review or audit an enterprise, solution or project, just create an enterprise landscape diagram, solution landscape diagram of project landscape diagram here on Dragon1. This really helps to increase the quality of audit or review.

Here you can view the example project landscape map.

Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and IT Infrastructure / Technical Architecture are fields of science for which it is useful to create insights and overviews for your Audit Landscape Maps in order to be able to audit better than ever before.

Audit Portfolio Management

On Dragon1 it is easy to manage your various audits (projects & products). You can administer, store, model, visualize and thus manage any audit project or audit product. This allows you to connect the dots much more. Dragon1 supports you in creating a consistency check of your audits, norm frameworks per project or integrally projects wide.

On Dragon1 you can do tracking and tracing of observations, interpretations, conclusions and suggestions and much more.

IT Project Auditing Checklist

Dragon1 supports you with checklists and templates to do auditing on Projects.

Here you can read about and download the IT Project Auditing checklist on Dragon1.

Management Dashboard for Auditing

Auditing and reviewing information is even made more easy with the Dragon1 Management Dashboard application.

dragon1 enterprise architecture management dasboard

The Management Dashboard in Dragon1 is used for building real time dashboards for management topics. You can link metrics and KPIs to four types of widgets.

Read more about the Management Dashboard here.