Information Management

Reducing Complexity and Saving Costs

Dragon1 is fit for use for Information Management. Any Information Landscape can be modeled, visualized, designed, analyzed, monitored and managed on Dragon1.

Information Landscape Architecture Maps

Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture and Information Architecture are fields of science for which it is very useful to create insights and overviews of your Information Landscape in order to be able to manage them better.

Information System Portfolio Management

Information Management deals with the information systems of the company, in a very broad sense. On Dragon1 you can define, store, administer, analyze, design, visualize and manage information systems the way you want.

Information System Rationalization

By standardizing and reducing the number of information systems and assessing every part of the information system for why it is there and what it is used for, you can rationalize your information systems. On Dragon1 this is made very easy to do.

Information Elements and Information Components

Most commonly people create an EA repository for their Information Systems and parts at logical, physical and implemention level.

The Architecture Repository application makes it very easy to setup and maintain such a repository for your Information Systems.

Information Concepts and Information Principles

It is not only important to know of the structure of your Information landscape at logical and physical and implementational level. In relation to your enterprise strategy it is more than important to know the conceptual level and the Information principles.

Information Patterns and Anti Patterns

Every Information System is unique but also has some generic parts in it.

Dragon1 enables you to work with patterns, anti-patterns, building blocks and principles to make this an easy task to do.

Are you interested in doing Information Management on Dragon1?

Dragon1 as online collaboration platform and digital workplace is fit for Information Management in your way. You can manage your Information Portfolio, create Information Landscape overviews, improve the Information Architecture and rationalize the Information Landscape.