Robotics and Nano Technology - Redesign your business model and Restart your company to compete and survive

In 2030 maybe most companies are no longer human-based but robots-based. And in 2040 maybe most products contain nanotechnology and most services will be delivered by robots, such as software agents.

What you need to compete and survive in an online modeling and presentation platform to be able to redesign your business model adequately.

Dragon1 is such a platform and we provide, for instance, shapes for Robots, Technology, Disability, Game Consoles, etc.., which other design tools do not provide. You can incorporate these shapes in your models and designs. Are You Ready For The Future?

Introduction of Dragon1 as Solution for Innovation

On the platform, you can sketch, analyze, model, design, create, and present any kind of innovative solution for your company. We like to enable your innovations.

You can innovate a product, a business process, a computer system, the whole enterprise, your business, your IT, etc.

How you can innovate, we will explain on this page. So read on if you want more detailed information on this.

What is Innovation?

The definition of Innovation in short is: "Fundamental Redesign". This means the current way of doing 'things' is completely changed by innovation.

An example of innovation was the usage of a car to travel a great distance, or the usage of a phone to talk with each other over a great distance. The car and the phone fundamentally changed the way of traveling and communicating.

Read more about the definition of innovation here.

Concept Design

At the heart of innovation sits concept design. Therefore the Dragon1 platform in its essence is a concept design tool.

At four levels of abstraction you can design, model, visualize, and publish/share any concept you can think of.

Conceptual Modeling or Conceptualization helps you to analyze or redesign a solution in an abstract way apart from its implementation later on.

This helps to focus first on the functions and later on the technology, without running into practical limitations too soon.

For instance: humans cannot fly, and paper wings will not work, but a human operating wing in an abstract way can 'fly'. So now you can focus on wings that create enough uplift with only human power as input.

The Visual Designer and Architecture Repository are the two main tools you will use to create meta models, models, views and visualizations, new entities, new shapes, and libraries. Everything you need for concept design.

You can create different versions of your concept and play various situations for your concepts (and watch their principles: the way it works).

Common Issues in Innovation

Any organization busy with innovation, encounters the following challenges:

  • How to innovate? (when everyone is busy doing their work)
  • Why spend money on innovation? (when we don't know if we will earn it back)
  • What to innovate? What is wise or not wise to do? What do our competitors innovate?

To all these questions we will answer.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation means fundamentally redesigning your business model, business processes, business services, and business products.

Fundamental Redesign examples are: The Smart Company, The Paperless Office, Zero Waste Production Processes, and Online Ordering Services.

We have everything available for you to do with a visual designer web application, an architecture repository web application, and many examples, templates, and checklists.

Product Innovation

Product Innovation means fundamentally redesigning your product model, production model, product services, and product parts.

Fundamental Redesign examples are: 3D Printed Prosthesis Printing, House Hold Cleaning Robot, Walking Enabling Nano Technology-Based Clothing.

IT Innovation

IT Innovation means fundamentally redesigning your information services, information systems, data centers, and IT infrastructures (networks and platforms).

Fundamental Redesign examples are: Scalable IT Networks via Cloud Computing, Cost Reduction via SaaS Software, and Increase of Security via Hidden Cams / Internet Of Things.

Why Should you Innovate

Companies often innovate their products and services so they can solve problems, concerns, and issues that people have. People want things to be better, cheaper, and more sustainable and they have lots of other things they want.

So if you as a business professional find or encounter 'problems' that people have in doing things, you could design innovation for it on Dragon1.

Enterprise Innovation in Various Countries

What to innovate and what do others innovate? To answer that question or to take the first step, we have provided several countries in the world with an overview page of what is taking place in that country concerning enterprise innovation. So regardless of your field of work, specialization, or industry, you can check out what is going on in that subject.

Sign up for a Trial Account here to create your Country Enterprise Innovation page. If you miss some information on these country pages or want to add something, then you can contact us.

Architecting Solutions

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