Cyber Security Solution

Who would have thought years ago that every company in the world potentially can be hacked via the internet? Today more and more people are aware that this is the case.

Still, a lot of extra awareness needs to be created and companies can be more effective in improving Cyber Security. For these people and companies, Dragon1 is a perfect solution.

Why is Cyber Security so Important?

Cyber Security is the whole of concepts, processes, applications, technologies, and practices designed to protect people, organizations, networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

The importance of cybersecurity for companies lies in the fact that the customers of companies must be able to rely on their personal and company data not being outside the 'door' of the company and used for other purposes.

Otherwise, others who can harm it, such as wanting to earn money by, for example, committing identity fraud and using this data by hacking their bank accounts.

Smart Cyber Security Architecture at Airports

Airports are very complex environments that manage to handle many physical security challenges at once.

Today they need to deal with the latest threat caused by worldwide digitalization: Cyber Security

Airports daily get cyber attacks and discover vulnerabilities attacks. It is not only having the best technology that is the answer to cybercrime. It is also governance, leadership, and culture that are required to keep an airport safe and secure.

That is why mapping a process application landscape is a very smart approach to analyzing and improving the cyber security of an airport.

Vulnerabilities Assesment

Improving your cybersecurity comes down to knowing vulnerabilities and matching your situation to that.

Currently there is no uniform standard or worldwide reference model for this. so you have to develop that yourself. In the Viewer, you can match a reference model with your situation. So in that way, Dragon1 supports you in reporting and analyzing your current vulnerabilities.

So what items do pose or enable a threat?

  • (fake) WIRELESS networks
  • IOT devices
  • Smartphonea
  • Laptops
  • Cars and their keys
  • Digital boarding passes
  • Drones

No matter how well you guard, secure, and protect an airport, someone can park a car stuffed with the newest electronic devices and try to hack into the airport's network and communication.

One cannot do with only a strategy of prevention. A strategy always has to include Quick Response.

The better you have your processes documented, and your applications in your sight, the better you can take preventive action and response. That is where the Dragon1 process application landscape will support you.

How to Visualize the Threats and Vulnerabilities?

cyber security architecture

Cyber Security Architecture Diagram.

Organizations today use Dragon1 as Enterprise Architecture Security Software, to visualize, analyze, monitor, and improve security and awareness in their Company.

The first step, in creating your version of the diagram, is to identify all current situation concepts, processes, and applications and put them in the example of cyber-security.dragon1 file or import them into the repository on the platform. If you watch the diagram in the Dragon1 Viewer, you will have an overview of the dependencies between the relevant concepts, processes, and supporting applications.

Next, you collect all attributes and values of the identified entities and add them to the .dragon1 file or the repository on the platform.

If you watch your diagram in the viewer, you have insight into your current situation related to privacy and security.

Finally, you can match all your data values with a reference model reporting how secure your environment is.

At the Demo Page, you can start to create your own diagram.

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