EA Tool Selection Guide

Welcome to our EA Tool Selection Guide

Thank you for your interest in Dragon1 as EA Tool. On this page a lot of information is provided you might need to make a sound and solid decision on buying a user license(s) of Dragon1 as EA Tool.

Dragon1 as EA Tool is not just any kind of tool, but a cloud EA Tool. It offers in a unique way a lot of features for mapping, reporting, data analysis, architecture management, architecture design and architecture visualization.

The following information about Dragon1 as EA Tool you will find on this page is:

  1. Dragon1: Web Applications on a Platform
  2. Dragon1 as EA Tool
  3. Product Edition
  4. Product Features
  5. Contracts
  6. Guided Demo, Evaluation and Buying User License

1. Dragon1: Web Applications on a Platform

If you are new to Dragon1 you might want to read more about what a cloud tool is.

  1. More about the Dragon1 web-based Applications
  2. Information about Dragon1 as platform and the three delivery models SaaS, Iaas and PaaS
  3. Blog about the benefits of using a cloud EA Tool

2. Dragon1 is an EA Tool

Dragon1 as EA Tool is not a basic EA Tool. You can read here more about what Dragon1 offers you.

  1. Dragon1 EA Tool Introduction Presentation
  2. Information for a CIO about what an EA Tool is

3. Product Edition

The edition of Dragon1 as EA Tool. Click on a link to download the edition flyer.

  1. Dragon1 as EA Tool - PRO

4. Compare Features

Select the features of the edition that best fits you. The form will show what edition best fits you. If a feature holds a video icon, click on it and watch the feature on video in action.

Web Application Features Dragon1 Trial Dragon1 PRO Dragon1 ENTERPRISE
Resource Center Work with one single published source of strategic Information and architecture documentation
Application ManagerImport PowerPoint, Visio and Excel
Architecture Repository Registration & cataloging data on the desired level of detail
Visual Designer Generate, analyze and customize landscapes to your desired situation
Visual Designer Create visualizations of Views and Perspectives based on models and meta models
Models Atlas Create Atlases with Pages and place Images & Visualization on pages
Models Atlas Publication of interactive landscapes for communication, feedback and decision making
Resource Center Check In and Check out of documents  
Architecture Repository Define your own vector shapes  
Visual Designer Work with frames and layers  
Models Atlas Work with popups and indicators  
Catalog Manage more than 1 entity type  
Resource Center DMS / Version control (dropdownlink versions)  
Architecture Repository Define Entity Classes    
Visual Designer Work with splash patterns    
Models Atlas realtime (non)present indicator    
Catalog Company style search-page    
Application Manager Create your own skins    
Visual Designer Work with scenarios and storyboards    
Architecture Repository Define your own entity attributes    
Management Dashboard Define widgets (gauges, charts) and compose your own Dashboard with it.    

5. Contracts

SaaS. If you decide to buy a SaaS user license for Dragon1 the SaaS delivery model and the SaaS End User License Agreement (EULA) will apply. Read the version of the End User License Agreement (EULA) here.

PaaS. If you choose the PaaS delivery model (that is you want to decide what database to use where), an extra contract will apply. If you are interested we can provide you with information about our PaaS contract. You may choose to use your own on premise database instance or you want us to provide an Oracle or MS-SQL Server database in the cloud for you. Special rates for PaaS apply.

IaaS. If you choose the IaaS delivery model (that is you want to decide what database to use or what hardware to use for the application server), an extra contract will apply. If you are interested we can provide you with information about our IaaS contract. You may want to choose your own application instance on a high-speed application server. Special rates for IaaS apply.

Our General terms and Agreements about how we do business and deliver software services.

6. Evaluation / PoC, Guided Demo and Buying User License

Some clients choose to evaluate Dragon1 or do a Proof of Concept (PoC).

First they buy a user license for a limited number of users and months. The 3 users, 12 months license of the Enterprise edition is most often used for this.

Secondly, they alter the Proof Of Concept document and guideline we provide to satisfy their own needs.

Thirdly, they fill the custom Dragon1 evaluation form and decide to use Dragon1 in their work for a period of three years.

So you can stress the functionality and features of Dragon1 as EA Tool, find out what edition suits you best and see that this tool has really the benefits you are looking for.

If you want, you can schedule for an guided demos first, and of course watch the tutorial videos in the mean time.

If you are interested in buying a Dragon1 user license, you can do so via PayPal on the pricing page.

More Information? Please contact us

This page answers a lot of questions, but maybe not all possible questions you have.

Dragon1 often complies with all functional requirements and quality requirements in an RFI or RFP. If you have prepared one, we are willing to answer it.

Please do not hesitate to call us or mail us and have your questions answered. We are here for you and we would like to have you as our customer!