Systems Engineering

Start Aligning Your Enterprise Structures: Architecture, Information Systems, Business Model, and Strategy

Systems Architects, Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, and Software Architects in large organizations using Dragon1 for Systems Engineering are more productive and offer added value.

Dragon1 supports you in discovering the principles, rules, and standards that are missing or have been poorly implemented but are vital for your strategy, business model, solutions, architectures and information systems. Next, Dragon1 supports architects to design and implement them better.

Enterprise System Engineering for Data-Driven Decision Making.

Organizations Running More Efficient and Profitable

Dragon1 Software supports Architects and Engineers in bridging the gap between strategy, information systems, and business change by creating business and IT products like system architectures, diagrams, blueprints, roadmaps, data visualizations, and more.

Dragon1 software is an EAM suite with an EA repository. That means that in Dragon1 you will always have repository functionality. A repository is a place where you can store, collect, (re)use and manage data.

Dragon1 relies on the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) classification: Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) pertains to the view of enterprises. Meaning: organizations or combinations of organizations can be viewed as systems.

Enterprise Software For CIO

Dragon1 offers you Enterprise Software as defined by Gartner and Forrester.

System Architecture in Dragon1 Software.

Use Case: Engineering and Implementing a New Information System

Suppose the company has decided to implement a new information system, for instance, a new CRM, a new Dataware House, a Chatbot, or a new Banking Application.

Replacing the old system with the new system will often have an impact on many other systems, processes, data, and IT infrastructure devices. This impact can cause a reduced level of services to clients. Projects do fail because of this.

An information system is a coherent set of applications, interfaces, and databases. The old system may have one or more applications that are interfacing with other systems in an outdated way. This could mean that also these other systems need to be updated or replaced.

It could also be that the old system or other systems are running on an old outdated operating system platform or IT infrastructure components that cannot host the new information system.

If your Architects have designed, engineered, documented, and aligned these EA documents with the strategy, you always know the important dependencies of objects and which principles and IT standards your objects (processes, applications, data, and IT Infra components) make use of. You would be always busy making sure that outdated and non-compliant objects are replaced timely.

You also have planned a more realistic timeline and budget for implementing the new information system and organizing temporary solutions and alternatives during the migration.

Get Started as Systems Architect

If you work as an IT contractor or consultant, purchase your Dragon1 PRO user license online in the Store. If you as a manager want to start working with Dragon1 software for your Business and IT Teams, please contact us at We are happy to discuss your needs and to get started.

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