Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, GRC


Published on 03 Nov 2018

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Why Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) is an umbrella term that covers the approach of an organization across three areas. It strives the organization to be compliant to standards.

GRC is a discipline aiming to sync activities and information throughout the organization governance, and compliance in order to have more efficient operations, effectively enable sharing information, report activities more effectively and have wasteful overlaps avoided. Here you can read all about the GRC Definition.

Normally GRC is about activities like, for instance, enterprise risk management (ERM), corporate governance and corporate compliance concerning regulations, legislation and laws.

governance risk management compliance grc

Governance Risk Management Compliance is a great page on Wikipedia to learn more about GRC.

Using Dragon1 for GRC

Dragon1 is often used for GRC to visualize (non)compliance with standards. If you are also interested to use Dragon1 for that, create a trial account here and we will take it from there.

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