Task Board

What is a Task Board in general?

A task board, in general, is an application for individuals and teams to manage the work and task completion.

Task Board in the Workplace.

A task board application normally includes views to filter the tasks in progress, tasks that are finished and upcoming tasks, that could be placed in a backlog.

What is the Task Board application?

The Dragon1 platform provides you with a Task Board in the workplace. With the Task Board, you can plan tasks for yourself or for others. You can use task management as an innovative means for transferring knowledge.

To use the workplace task board, you only need to log in. The first screen you get is the workplace task board. You have the option to view all tasks of everyone or see only your task, or task that are open. Overdue tasks get a different color.

In the task board you can also chat, have news and a calendar and plan your events and see the availability of your colleagues or team members.

You also have quick access to the tools you often use. And you have an extended feature of adding tasks.

There is an option to have open tasks mailed to users. This increases their productivity in the tool.

Example of adding a Task.

Overview of Task Board Features

Features Dragon1 PRO Dragon1 BUSS Dragon1 ENT
1. Add Tasks
2. Add Tasklists
3. Automatic Emails on Open Tasks
4. Chatting with users
5. Adding detailed task policy and guidance information
6. Viewing tasks and progress of others
7. Tag and mark task with colors for another status
8. MS Teams integration
9. MS Office / Excel integration
10. JIRA and Salesforce Integration
11. REST api
12. Task sharing in .dragon1 files (JSON based)
13. Easy to learn user interface

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