Explorer Application

Offline viewer for .dragon1 and .d1 files

What is the Explorer application?

You can export all of the information from dragon1 and view it offline with Dragon1 Explorer (dragon1.exe) on Mac, Windows and Android. Also, there is a Dragon1 App available in the Google Appstore to view .dragon1 and .d1 files on your Smartphone and Table PC.

Default Dragon1 Visual Language Symbols/Shapes, User Defined Shapes & Interactivity

Dragon1 has its own visual language by means of 250+ shapes/symbols for defined entities. The Dragon1 Explorer has all these shapes to view the files offline and still keep the interactivity. But also you can incorporate your own images and vector shapes.

Also you can print the visualization from the Dragon1 Explorer to a printer or export it as pdf and png.

.dragon1 and .d1 file type

When yo install dragon1.exe on your computer .dragon1 and.d1 will become recognized filetypes for your system.