Digital Banking

Digital banking is the digitization of a bank at every level. From front-end to back-end.

A digital bank relies heavily on artificial intelligence (such as machine learning and deep learning) to automate back-end operations. Examples are administrative tasks and data processing tasks.

Automation and digitization of these tasks will put pressure on employees who are busy with their day-to-day tasks. It will make them more productive and much more efficient.

When making the transition from a traditional bank to digital banking, choosing a core banking solution, it is important to create an enterprise architecture or even a digital twin. This provides benefits for decision-makers, such as improving alignment, and support in planning and managing risks.

Below, you see some diagrams generated on the Dragon1 enterprise architecture platform. Click on the diagram to be forwarded to an online demo and try it yourself.

Data Maturity

Data Management is important as a capability to implement at a good maturity level for any bank.

One of the first things where Dragon1 shows its benefits with companies that want to do digital banking, is that helps users to report and improve the status of data management.

Digital Banking Business Capabilities

Every bank has business capabilities that will be digitally transformed, sooner or later.

These capabilities can be grouped into functions and can be visualized. This enables you to measure and improve maturity. Creating a business capability map gives you control over this.

This example business capability heat map provides insights and an overview into the contribution of each capability to key KPIs like Revenue, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality of Service. Also, a capability like data management can be measured.

Various organizations also want to make the transition from contract management to vendor management. Changes like this can be optimally supported and guided with diagrams like these.

Click on the diagram to see the live online demo.

Note: one can map detailed layer diagrams per capability and use this over the diagram to drill down to them.

Digital Banking Enterprise Risk Management

Every bank can be detailed into architecture layers with their configuration. Creating a map of this helps to control the complexity and risk management and the ongoing transformation and changes.

Also every domain, business function, business process, and business capability can be detailed in an architecture layers map. More and more organizations make this a common practice to get more grip on the digital banking transformation.

The diagram shows a simplified overview of the configuration of architecture layers in a typical financial services organization.

Such a diagram can also be used to detail a specific business capability.

To see the online demo, click on the screenshot.

Digital Banking Architecture Technology Roadmap

What is a roadmap? A roadmap can be defined as a term for flexible planning that supports strategic planning. With a roadmap one matches short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions.

Mapping or better-generating roadmaps is prevalent when doing digital transformation in banks.

digital banking architecture technology roadmap

The diagram shows an example technology roadmap.

The map helps to create a common insight in a group of people and to better align and plan/schedule changes.

For the interactive and online version, click on the diagram.

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