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Dragon1 has the biggest community for business and IT professionals

Digital Platform for 2d or 3d Modeling and Visualizing Impact Analysis of Future Technologies and Digital Enterprise Solutions, Innovation, Transformation and Value

Dragon1 is a Digital Platform or online Enterprise Architecture Tool with specialized and integrated tools for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Modeling, IT Portfolio Management and GRC. Create and Share your 2d and 3d models, presentations and diagrams with business professionals

Welcome to the online presentation, diagramming and modeling software for Managers, Consultants, Business and IT Architects, recognized by international organizations like Gartner and the Open Group. From now on the way stakeholders (CIO, CFO, project board) take decisions has changed. You as Business Professional create static, interactive and playable designs, models, visualizations, maps, diagrams and presentations here for new and innovative products, services and solutions which are aligned to the organization's goals, objectives and strategy.


These visual overviews you create here on Dragon1 are visio and powerpoint alternatives and support the decision making process by stakeholders and have the benefits of, for example, creating a common overview and understanding, enabling better impact analysis for risk control of business and it innovation, increasing enterprise governance, compliancy and control, driving usage of information as an asset, ensuring higher quality of project completion, enabling shorter time to market for new products and lowering operating costs definitely. In fact you spread knowledge and present people solutions and new opportunities with your decision supporting visualizations. And you help projects to be successful.

Innovation Lab: Create Decision Supporting Visualizations

Here, on your personal Dragon 1 Innovation Lab, you try and test out various versions and various scenarios for realizing and implementing the concepts and products in the organization. Why not export your 3d model and print it on a 3d printer? We provide definitions like architecture principle definition on the websites' resources part, so you can create better designs. Also you can publish your created interactive content in one of the specialized channels here, so that others can watch and learn from it or even to educate people. We offer you a suite of web applications that together create a series of specialized tools such as an EA Tool, BPM Tool, ArchiMate Tool, Enterprise Performance Tool and a Project Management Tool. And with that you create interactive models and animated presentations.


The solutions with Dragon1 really are unlimited. Requirements Engineering, Auditing, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Strategy Development, Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Strategic Decision Support. With Dragon1 you invest in the digital future of your company.