Dragon1 BUSINESS Edition

Dragon1 BUSINESS edition is the EA solution for small to medium companies or architecture teams to work with architecture together with all stakeholders.

  • Use the templates to Generate Enterprise Visualizations with import Excel data
  • Realize enterprise growth taking Ecosystem focused decisions
  • Collaborate in new markets and geographies by increasing Compliance and Conformance in supply chains
  • Optimize Analytics and (Big) Data Management through measurement and analyzes of enterprise data via dashboards
  • Align existing and New IT technology investments to changing business needs

Dragon1 Viewer on the SaaS platform.

SaaS Platform for Enterprise Architecture with Focus on Collaboration

Dragon1 software for managing projects, strategy, data & security is an online SAAS platform, so it supports collaboration with team members, other departments, or offices abroad. Most importantly, Dragon 1 supports you to work with enterprise architecture throughout the organization.

Enterprise Visualization serves as a bridge between abstract concepts, concrete understanding, applied architecture principles, and intelligent business solutions.

In enterprises, it aids stakeholders in comprehending various aspects such as the alignment of organizational goals, objectives and projects, value chains, workflows, data flows, system interactions, and interdependencies. Blueprints, landscapes, roadmaps, and scenarios offer a holistic view that enhances the identification of inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities for optimization.

This BUSINESS edition offers expert architecture modeling features to satisfy every need. There are many things you as a Stakeholder, Manager, Architect, and Analyst can do on the platform. Also incorporated are the features of Dragon1 PRO (i.e. Diagramming Tool, EA Tool, Visualization Data Tool, BPM Tool and PPM Tool).

Target Audience for the Business Edition

The target audience of Dragon1 BUSINESS is:

  1. CIO, CFO
  2. Enterprise Architect
  3. Executive Advisor
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Program Manager
  6. Project Portfolio Manager
  7. Business Manager

Key Products

The Dragon1 software is used to create and share static, dynamic, interactive/responsive Architecture and Business Diagrams examples. The unique feature for which it is mainly used in creating animated scenarios whose impact you can measure and calculate, such as Process and Application Landscapes, Technology Roadmaps, Business Blueprints, Strategy, and Project Landscapes, as solutions for business challenges.

Business Edition Visual Designer

Business Edition Graph Search

Data Driven Decision Making by Templates

In Dragon 1 BUSINESS, we have a large set of templates so you can quickly generate visualizations with high quality. Below, you see a list of the templates that have been put in the BUSINESS edition for you:

List of Architecture Templates - The Big Five (Concept Diagrams and Blueprints): Enterprise Architecture Overview, Governance Architecture Overview, Business Architecture Overview, Information Architecture Overview, Technology Architecture Overview. Other templates are Application Landscape, Process/Application Landscape, Technology Roadmap, Project Landscape Map, Project Portfolio, Enterprise Architecture Framework, and much more.

List of Diagramming Templates: - Mind Map, Strategy Map, Moodboard, Info Graphic, BPMN overview, ArchiMate Introductory view, UML Use Case, FlowChart, TOGAF Capability Diagram, Enterprise Intelligence Model, Business Case Model Canvas.

Exeperience the dynamic features: dynamic visualizations, to get even more out of your templates.

Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Software

The Dragon software consists of many integrated applications. These applications are used to create and share animated EA products. A digital workplace with a Task Manager is provided to enable efficient collaboration and workflow online.

With the software you can create integral / dynamic (also static) products.

In the Viewer application, you can automatically generate EA and strategic products (interactive Atlas) from scratch, using a visualization template or generating an enterprise blueprint, IT landscape, technology roadmap, etc. with an Excel sheet.

Measure the sustainability of your products and services and monitor how to become a sustainable organization.

Digital Workplace

Data Manager

Architecture Repository

Key Features

We have compared the features of the Dragon 1 BUSINESS edition with the other editions for you and listed them on this Editions Overview and Comparison page.

If you want to discuss other products you want to create or you have questions about what templates are available in the Dragon1 BUSINESS edition or what services we as an organization can provide you with, give us a call at +31 317 411 341, in the Netherlands.

Architecting Solutions

DEMO: Concept Mapping Software

How to use Dragon1 EA Tool

Learn to generate architecture diagrams using repositories
DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Example

DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Diagram - Measure Rules Compliance

Manufacturing, Financial Solutions
DEMO: Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint to discover and solve RISK

Banking, Logistics, Healthcare
DEMO: Process Application Map

DEMO: Generate Landscape for RPA AUTOMATION

Retail, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas
DEMO: Strategy Map Template

DEMO: Generate Strategy Map on how to INNOVATE with AI

Government, Logistics, Banking
DEMO: Data Mapping Software

DEMO: Generate Application Portfolio Diagram

Automotive, Financial Services, Health Care