Dragon1 BUSINESS Edition

The EA solution for small to medium enterprises or architecture teams to work with architecture together with all stakeholders.

The Digital Platform for Enterprise Architecture, with focus on Collaboration

Dragon1 is an online saas platform so it supports to collaborate with team members, other departments or offices abroad. And most important: Dragon1 supports you to work with enterprise architecture throughout the organization.

This BUSINESS edition offers expert architecture modeling features to satisfy every need. There are many things you as Stakeholder, Manager, Architect and Analyst can do on the platform. Also incorporated are the features of Dragon1 PRO (i.e. Diagramming Tool, EA Tool, BPM Tool and PM Tool):

Dragon1 BUSINESS is often used in the following fields:

  1. Governance, Risk and Compliance
  2. Scenarios
  3. Innovation and Transformations
  4. Business Process Analysis
  5. Enterprise Architecture
  6. Concept Design
  7. IT Portfolio Management
  8. Project and IT Management

We will discuss on this page the products you can create, which Dragon1 applications are available, what templates are available and what services we as organization provide you with, all for Dragon1 BUSINESS.

Screenshot of the Visual Designer

dragon1 business visual designer


Dragon1 consists of many integrated applications. These Applications are to create and share the animated and playable products. A digital workplace with a Task Manager is provided to enable efficient collaboration and workflow online.

With the Dragon1 Applications you can create integral / interactive (also static) / playable products.

The Dragon1 Applications that are available to you with Dragon1 BUSINESS are:

Graph Search

Do Big Data and AI analytics and find patterns you would not find otherwise.

Digital Workplace

Learn, create and share products online and task-based.

Assets Catalog

Creating and managing catalogs of entities.

Architecture Repository

Creating and managing entities, relationships and models.

Models Atlas

Making visualizations interactive.


Publish your working & architecture experience internally and externally.

Application Manager

Technical and Functional Management.

Management Dashboard

Control transformations using dashboards.

Key Features

Following the key features per Dragon1 Application:

Dragon1 Application


Visual Designer Create impressive interactive 2d Models, Presentations and Diagrams using styling, templates, layers, frames, popups, clickable links, rules and indicators
- Design, analyze and customize landscape templates to your desired situation
Visual Designer - Create Dynamic and Animated content by generating visualizations using visual items and views
- Real-time (non)present indicator
- Use splash patterns
- Create visualizations of Views and Perspectives based on models and meta models
Visual Designer Create Playable Scenario Models and storyboard
Content Viewer Publish, Present and View Models, Presentations and Diagrams
ePortfolio Create and Manage your online CV with created content on Dragon1
Profiler and Blogger Create and manage your user profile, company profile and create and publish blogs
Digital Workplace Manage and SEO your publications on watch pages in Dragon1 Channels
Digital Workplace Organize your work, mail, start applications and compose a data desktop with resources likes examples and tutorials
Task Manager Managing task lists and tutorials an individual, transfer knowledge by working task list and tutorial based in a team
Architecture Repository - Store, structure and manage your data.
- Define Entity Classes
- Define your own entity attributes.
- Define your own vector shapes (libraries)
- Registration and cataloging data on the desired level of detail
Resource Center - Organize reference documents and information in a miniwebsite / wiki.
- DMS / Version control (dropdownlink versions)
- Check In and Check out of documents
- Work with one single published source of strategic Information and architecture documentation
Application Manager - Technical and Functional Data Management
- Create your own skins
- Import and Export xml, xmi, uml, csv, txt, xls, doc, ppt, vsd, ArchiMate, Autocad, pdf, png
Models Atlas - Create and Manage an Atlas of related architecture visualizations and their background models, views and data
- Work with popups and indicators
- Publication of interactive landscapes for communication, feedback and decision making
- Create Atlases with Pages and place Images and Visualization on pages
Catalog - Enter and manage a searchable and stylable (company standard) catalog of data items
- Manage more than 1 entity type
Report Manager Create and Manage list and graph reports and report templates  
Enterprise Search Fuzzy, tag and category search of all your account data and present it in search engine snippet or image style  
Management Dashboard Define widgets (gauges, charts) and compose your own Dashboard with it    

Key Products

Dragon1 BUSINESS is used to create and share static, dynamic, interactive / responsive Business Diagrams. The unique feature for which it is mainly used is creating animated / playable scenarios, such as Process and Application Landscapes, Technology Roadmaps, Business Blueprints, Strategy and Project Landscapes.

Target Audience

The target audience of Dragon1 BUSINESS is:

  1. CIO, CFO
  2. Enterprise Architect
  3. Executive Advisor
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Program Manager
  6. Business Manager

Templates and Generation of Visualizations

On Dragon1 BUSINESS we have a large set of templates so you can quickly generate visualizations with high quality. Below you see a list of the templates have put in the BUSINESS edition for you:

List of Architecture Templates - The Big Five (Concept Diagrams and Blueprints): Enterprise Architecture Overview, Governance Architecture Overview, Business Architecture Overview, Information Architecture Overview, Technology Architecture Overview. Other templates are: Application Landscape, Process/Application Landscape, Technology Roadmap, Project Landscape Map, Enterprise Architecture Framework, and much more.

List of Diagramming Templates: - Mind Map, Strategy Map, Moodboard, Info Graphic, BPMN overview, ArchiMate Introductory view, UML Use Case, FlowChart, TOGAF Capability Diagram, Dragon1 Architecture Model, Business Case Presentation.

Read about the dynamic view feature: dynamic views, to get even more out of your templates.

Key Benefits

Dragon1 BUSINESS most important benefits are:

  • Realize enterprise growth taking Ecosystem focused decisions
  • Collaborate in new markets and geographies by increasing Compliance and Conformance in chains
  • Optimize Analytics and Big Data through measurement and analyzes of enterprise data via dashboards
  • Align existing and New IT technology investments to changing business needs
  • Work Anytime, anyplace, anywhere on any device