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Dragon1 | Enterprise Architect, Home Premium edition.


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Application Rationalization


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Why you'll value Dragon1
Easily create visual products for managing business & IT transformation

Cross method architecture development

Use any method or standard to create enterprise architecture products with Dragon1. Your personal toolbox.

Reuse and import all of your enterprise architecture documents

Now you can import any XML-based file, text file or Office document in Dragon1. No work gets lost.

It's webbased so work anywhere and anytime you like

From now one, you decide when you work on architecture products and where you do it. Be master of your own time.

Get supported by the tool with context sensitive help

Dragon1 gives you context sensitive hints and tips. You are supported anywhere in the tool on what to do next.

Be an artist. You too. Create beautiful visualizations

Make use of all the templates, generation functions, layout functions and reference models. You to can create beautiful visualizations.

Make and publish your visualizations clickable

Give added value to your clients using interactive
architecture visualizations. Make them clickable
through and enable comments.

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Generate A0-sized Posters for Application Landscapes


Visualize Clickable Atlasses for Business Concepts


Play Scenarios of Enterprise Transformations