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What does Dragon1 mean?

Dragon1 is the name of the modeling, presentation and diagramming software with which users create visual products.

Dragon1 also covers an EA Framework called the Dragon1 open EA Method. Dragon1 is internationally recognized as method and certified as Enterprise Architecture Tool.


Dragon1 is used to create architecture designs of domains in an enterprise, such as whole enterprises, business units, business functions, business processes, information systems and IT Infrastructure/computer networks.

With Dragon1 architecture is visualized in a comprehensible way for any stakeholder.

Dragon1 has its foundation in building architecture and defines architecture as a specific total concept.


Dragon1 is a registered trademark and has its own logo.


Examples of Dragon1 are:

  • Architecture Principles in the form of enforced way of working
  • Architecture Visualizations like animated migration scenarios
  • Interactive Architecture Design Books to communicate vision and strategy on new business concepts

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