Your Personal Innovation Lab

Dragon1 is an online modeling, presentation, and diagramming platform for enterprise architecture transformation and innovation.

With that, it is your personal Innovation Lab to create, publish and manage interactive visuals and animations privately or online. By visualizing your new product, process, or service as a concept on the platform, you see how it works and sees its benefits.

innovation lab

Dragon1 as an Innovation Lab for Business Professionals and Students.

Business Professionals and Students like you build models, create static and dynamic views, and design interactive, animated diagrams. And more: visualizations, maps, presentations, reports, etc...

You create different versions of your innovative solution with visual content. You try them out using various scenarios. Then you choose the best one and implement your solution in the organization and with that your new products and services of the company.

What is an Innovation Lab?

A definition of an innovation lab is: an expert center in an organization that focuses on Concept Design and Prototyping of new products, services, and processes.

Concept Design

In an Innovation Lab, you design high-level fundamental new products and services. Like robotics and nanotechnology-based devices.


In an Innovation Lab, you also build, try and test your new products and services through prototyping. Like building a Health Care Services drone, a virtual reality education center, or a 3d Food Printer.

Every organization today should start up an innovation lab. If you don't and your competitors do, you might lose the rat race.

Read more about innovation here.

Create Decision Supporting Visuals

These visual overviews you can create, support the decision-making of your stakeholders. For example:

  • Common insight and understanding
  • Clear impact analyses
  • Risk Control
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Reuse of information
  • Projects within budget and time

Dragon1 is an Enterprise Collaboration Platform (ECP) for Business Professionals like you to collaborate in online teams.

Why do Business Professionals use Dragon1?

There are three main reasons for Business Professionals to use Dragon1:

  • You have your own digital workplace, enabling you to do your office work online.

  • You have a task manager enabling you to work in teams and on projects that are spread over continents all over the world

  • You can create visually strong and effective business diagrams and manage and design these products or communicate your ideas, concepts, strategy architecture, and projects effectively.

Why do Students use Dragon1?

There are three main reasons for Students to use Dragon1:

  • You can learn and do conceptual modeling, concept design and business model innovation. You can do lab stuff: try out different versions and scenarios of your ideas, concepts, and models. And that is the perfect start to actually being creative and innovative.

  • You can collaborate with other students in groups (from all over the world) on products and ask each other to leave comments on your practical assignments.

  • You can publish this content in specialized channels to share with others so they can even learn from it.

So, Business Professionals use Dragon1 mainly to create concept designs, business models, innovative solutions, project planning, and enterprise architectures. Students use Dragon1 to gain practical experience in order to become entrepreneurs of the future.

Entrepreneurship Improvement Plan [PDF]

But they use it also for lots of other things. So read on and you will find out. Are you interested in any of these? Yes? Well, read more about it in the next sections.

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Your own Digital Workplace

No more Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word as your main tools to do your office work.

You have the applications Task Board, Architecture Repository, Visual Designer, Viewer, and Data Dashboard as your main tools to create, publish and share consistent documents with.

Using email for status updates and sharing inconsistent wrong version documents, using presentation software as a wannabe modeling tool, and using a word processor to write inconsistent plans and designs and mixing up versions is a way of working that belongs to the past.

Read more about the other Dragon1 Applications here.

The Digital Workplace can be personalized by you in a new and exciting way: You can change your workplace every day to make it a learn, create, share and/or control workplace for almost any kind of working area, trend, or topic.

Design Concepts

Anyone who is a Business Professional can use Dragon1 for Concept Modeling and Concept Design. Although normally concept modeling requires certain skills and knowledge, here you can do it without specific skills to create quality concept models and concept designs.

That is because we have methods, reference models, and checklists for you that are available that support you in creating quality products.

Success on this platform as a Concept Design Tool is almost guaranteed!

Read more about using this platform for Concept Design here.

Fundamentally Renew Products

Every organization needs to fundamentally redesign products (ie innovation), services, business processes, and information systems and implement the changes. This innovation can all be done on Dragon1.

The various web applications enable you to analyze, design, visualize, plan, and execute projects with innovative solutions successfully.

Read more about using this tool as a Solution for Innovation here.

Business Modeling

The business model of every company needs to be refreshed or updated every year because the world and people change every day. And innovating your business model is not an easy task unless you make use of this suite of applications.

It is easy to fundamentally redesign your business model using the provided reference models, checklists, and task lists.

Business Modeling Innovation is enabled by these online SaaS solutions. And it is also easy to do a quick scan of your current AS-IS business model today and visualize it tomorrow so you can communicate it to your stakeholders.

This is your Business Model Tool (BPM Tool).

Read more about using this tool for Business Modeling here.

IT Management

Every IT Manager can create an IT Landscape here and design their service management processes and implement them using this platform.

Also, IT Managers can monitor and govern the usage of their IT Resources here. It is your CMDB Tool.

Read more about using this CMDB tool for IT Management here.

Enterprise Architecture

Are you an enterprise architect but would like to be supported with a body of knowledge and instant elearning to create architecture products right away? Well, that is possible on Dragon1!

You can create any architecture, meta model, model, view, viewpoint, and visualization you like. You can make use of international standards like TOGAF and the Dragon1 open EA Method to create visually effective architecture products. Dragon1 is your Enterprise Architecture Tool.

Read all about how to use Enterprise Architecture as Strategy for the enterprise strategy and creating blueprints in the organization.

Read more about using Dragon1 for Enterprise Architecture here.

Project Management

As Project Manager, you can create project plans, GANTT charts, work breakdown structures, and organizational charts!

Dragon1 started years ago as an open EA Method for Enterprise Architecture and Visualizing Architecture Principles. Then the online Dragon1 EA Tool was developed. Today, Dragon1 open EA Method with its checklists and reference models supports users in creating high-quality products that normally would require 'technical' knowledge and skills that often are not available in the organization.

Read more about using Dragon1 as Project Management Tool here.

Integrally Connected Products & Impact Analyses

Dragon1 enables you to create products based on models, for instance, a business plan or application landscape diagram based on a business model and application model. These two models can also be integrally connected with each other via an enterprise metamodel. This gives you great control over the reuse of terms, definitions, and building blocks. Because of this, on Dragon1, your designs will always be consistent.

Suppose you rename a business product or business service in your business case. On Dragon1, this name is also automatically updated in your project plans, solution design, and business model.

Suppose you change the use of a standard or technology in your solution design that conflicts with a standard in your IT Architecture, your Enterprise Architecture Framework visualization will show the impact with a red-colored item that the design is not compliant with the architecture. This, of course, depends on how you have configured your architecture visualization on the platform.

If you have visualizations in your products (plans, reports, designs, and other documents), you can 'surf' from one visualization in a document to the other visualization in another document just by clicking on items in your visualization.

Invest in the future of building Digital Smart Companies online.

Creating Interactive Business Diagrams

Dragon1 is the best online solution to create and manage interactive business diagrams. You can design any meta-model and model you like and create different views of it. You can create an animated scenario and have users comment on your visualization online and visually.

View the use of the interactive examples of Business Diagrams here.

Spreading Knowledge and Educating People

You as Business Professional or student can create, share and gain knowledge, ideas and information visually and audibly on Dragon1.

Dragon1 has various features for you to present yourself online: a public and private profile, and a portfolio with the visual products you have created. Also, you can write and post blogs and also pitch yourself as an available business professional for a job.

Interested to work on the Dragon1 Platform?

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