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Online Project Management Saves You Time and Money

Dragon1 is online modeling and presentation software that is a perfect fit as software for online project management.

Any document, diagram or another artifact can be created and published internally or publicly on Dragon1 in order to enable stakeholders to manage the project better.

Because Dragon1 is online integrated software for individuals and teams it will save any user time and money compared with a set of offline, not integrated tools.

Create Consistent Documents and Diagrams

On Dragon1, you can create the following documents, diagrams and other artifacts.

And because underneath there is a common meta model, the documents and diagrams are per item and overall consistent. This solves a big problem in any project.

A list of items that can be created on Dragon1 is:

  • Project Dossier
  • Statement of Work
  • Business Case
  • Program of Requirements
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Project definition document
  • Total concept design sketch
  • Organogram
  • Design assignment
  • Context model
  • Stakeholder onion model
  • Landscape map
  • Solution design
  • Blueprint
  • Roadmap
  • Gantt Chart
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Functional model
  • Requirements overview
  • Issues list
  • Design decisions list
  • FAQ list
  • Project charter
  • Test plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Acceptance Criteria

Work Efficiently as Individual and Team with Dragon1 as Project Management Software

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Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist

Download the official IT Project auditing document and ensure every IT Project is successful:

Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist
Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist NL (Dutch Version)

Dragon1 has more checklists for you that are part of the open EA Method.

How to use the checklist

Read the blog about how to use the checklist in a smart way

Visualize Projects with a Project Landscape Map

All the items on the Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist together can be visualized as a consistent whole. That diagram we call the Project Landscape Map. It is with that map you can manage your project successfully.

Read more about the project landscape map and read the blog about visualizing your project on a Project Landscape Map using the checklist.

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