Building Smart Cities and Industries

Dragon1 as online modeling and presentation software, is a new and exciting way to model and present your Smart Company, Smart Concepts, Smart Industry and Smart City online, interactive and animated.

But why should you?

Well, if you visualize Smart Concepts and Smart Principles, you can much more easily manage and mitigate risks when realizing, for example, Smart Companies in Smart Cities. You can create a wider support for your vision, a common understanding, insights and overviews amongst stakeholders. And you can see the impact of your decisions and the impact of the change in front of you.

In other words: with interactive visuals on Dragon1 you can MANAGE the transition towards a Smart Industry or Smart City all by yourself.

Interested? Read more about this in the following paragraphs

Smart Companies

Let start with a definition of a Smart Company:

Definition Smart Company:

An organization that is adaptive, efficient and competitive by being designed and built under architecture, with modern concepts, knowledge and technology fully optimized and implemented, exploiting the benefits.All this often leads to standardization, complexity and cost reductions. These are not goals in themselves but they contribute to the adaptivity, efficiency and competitiveness of the organization.Because it is savvy to implement concepts and their principles as optimally as possible, we call this a smart organization, or the Smart Company.

More and more our companies are becoming digitized. In the future maybe all contact between the company and the clients will be only digital. And to be ready for that future organizations must really make a step forward. All those basic 90's, 00s and 10s issues must be dealt with once and for all, and the new upcoming technologies like 3d printing, nanotechnology, robotics and drones must be incorporated into the veins of the company.

Only the smart companies, companies that make optimal use of new technology are the ones that will survive.

The digital futures requires new digital enterprise architectures that consist of smart concepts. And these concepts be designed on Dragon1

Examples of Smart Companies

Examples of smart companies that can be designed on Dragon1 are:

Smart Concepts

On Dragon1 everyone has the opportunity to design smart concepts. With smart concepts we mean concepts that make optimal use of new technologies. It is these smart concepts that will form the basis of the new digital future for every one of us.

Examples of Smart Concepts

Examples of Smart concepts that can be designed on Dragon1 are:

  • Zero waste energy factory
  • Noninvasive operation concepts
  • A digital secretary

Smart Cities

Cities today have a large number of challenges: how to deal with the massive quantity of waste, how to deal with energy usage, how to deal with a huge number of travelers and commuters. How to ensure everyone gets educated, has a job, has a place to live. etc... To be able to deal with these challenges big cities must have smart facilities and smart infrastructures. Everything will be digital, everything will be connected. The Internet of Things will help us there. On Dragon1 everyone can design the architecture and structure of the digital facilities and infrastructures.

Examples of Smart Cities

Examples of Smart Cities that can be designed on Dragon1 are:

  • A city with the lowest unemployment and highest level of education
  • A city with very low criminality
  • A city without private transport vehicles

Smart Industries

So we have nanotechnology, robotics, drones, 3d printing. But how do we use them to solve problems like shortage of water and food, or mitigating the number of fatalities? It is the time that complete industries wake up and start innovating their branch. On Dragon1 one can design these new industries. It is all a matter of setting ambitious requirements and to design the architecture and structure or solution that answers these requirements.

Examples of Smart Industries

Examples of Smart Industries that can be designed on Dragon1 are:

  • Unstainable and untearable clothing
  • Indoor / Cabinet growing fruits and vegetables
  • Zero fatality transport vehicles

Where to start?

If you want to start to build your Smart Company, Industry, City with their concepts and principles on Dragon1, all you need is to purchase a user license. Next, you log in and you're on your way to design a Smart Digital Future.

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