Editions Overview and Comparison

Three Editions

Dragon1 is an online social networking, business modeling, presentation and diagramming software platform for business professionals.

We offer three editions: Dragon1 CONNECT, Dragon1 PRO and Dragon1 ENTERPRISE.

Below we'll give you an overview of the similarities and differences between these two editions.

Key Benefits

No matter what edition of Dragon1 you use, you will have the following benefits and business outcomes:

  • Increase of Productivity - you need less time to create more valuable products. You will work more efficient with Dragon1.

  • Increase of Reuse - you will reuse data regarding your products and collaborate more because of Dragon1. Your costs and complexity will reduce.

  • Increase of Sustainability - you will work online more than ever before and therefore you will have less of a need to travel. You will reduce your carbon footprint using Dragon1.

  • Increase of Risk Control - you will have more update overviews and insights in dependencies and issues and can monitor and manage them better on Dragon1.

  • Increase of Joy - Your work will be more fun when using Dragon1 because of its gaming and social networking features.

Key Features

Overall features in every edition

  • Secure Web Application Suite with Database Repository - Dragon1 consists of a set of web applications that can be accessed only via SSL (your data is always encrypted and secure). Each web application has its own set of functionality and uses same account database, so the web applications and user of the web applications can share the data in the account database and can collaborate online.

  • Responsive Design - Dragon1 can be used via any device: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet PC (iPad, etc..), Smartphone (iPhone, etc..) and any browser: Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

  • Multi Tenancy - Every account (often a separate company) has its own database. Every account holds one or more user logins that use the Dragon1 web application to create and manage data in the account database.

  • Enterprise Collaboration and Role Based Access Control - Users can work as individual or as team on Dragon1. Solitaire or as group you can use Dragon1 as an innovation lab to design different versions of an innovative solution and monitor its realization on Dragon1.

Templates and Generation of Visualizations

In every edition we have a different set of templates to quickly generate a visualization with. Below you see some templates, not all, we have put in the editions for you:

  • Dragon1 CONNECT - Networking features to find connections and create and maintain lists of contacts and their details. Als manage your projects and client and do sketching.

  • Dragon1 PRO - The Big Five (Concept Diagrams and Blueprints): Enterprise Architecture Overview, Governance Architecture Overview, Business Architecture Overview, Information Architecture Overview, Technology Architecture Overview.

    Other templates are: Process/Application Landscape, Technology Roadmap and Project Landscape Map, Architecture View Layout, Enterprise Architecture Framework, Enterprise Architecture Blueprint, Application Landscape, Business Functions Model, Mood Board, Mind Map, Strategy Map, Infographic, Business Model Canvas, UML Use Case Model, BPMN Process Model, Flowchart Diagram, TOGAF Capability Diagram.

  • Dragon1 ENTERPRISE - Animated Enterprise Transformation Roadmap, Animated Enterprise Change Scenario, plus the Dragon1 PRO.

Key features per edition as tool

Below we have grouped the features to tools, to make a high-level distinction between the editions.


Dragon1 PRO


Online Modeling, Presentation and Business Diagramming Tool

Online EA Tool, BPMN Tool, Archimate Tool, ULM Tool and PM Tool

Online GRC Tool, ITPM Tool, BPA Tool & Scenario Modeling Tool

Social Business Networking Platform with profiles, blogs and discussions

Social Business Networking Platform with profiles, blogs and discussions

Social Business Networking Platform with profiles, blogs and discussions

Key features per edition per application in detail

We'll now list per Dragon1 web application the key features. Read the details page per edition for more information about features and functionality.

Dragon1 Application



Dragon1 PRO


Visual Designer Create impressive interactive 2d Models, Presentations and Diagrams using styling, templates, layers, frames, popups, clickable links, rules and indicators
Visual Designer Create Dynamic and Animated content by generating visualizations using visual items and Dynamic Views
Visual Designer Create Playable Scenario Models
Content Viewer Publish, Present and View Models, Presentations and Diagrams
ePortfolio Create and Manage your online CV with created content on Dragon1
Profiler and Blogger Create and manage your user profile, company profile and create and publish blogs
Digital Workplace Manage and SEO your publications on watch pages in Dragon1 Channels
Digital Workplace Organize your work, mail, start applications and compose a data desktop with resources likes examples and tutorials
Task Manager Managing task lists and tutorials an individual, transfer knowledge by working task list and tutorial based in a team
Architecture Repository administer, structure and manage your data
Resource Center Organize reference documents and information in a miniwebsite / wiki
Application Manager - Technical and Functional Data Management
- Import and Export xml, xmi, uml, csv, txt, xls, doc, ppt, vsd, ArchiMate, Autocad, pdf, png
Models Atlas Create and Manage an Atlas of related architecture visualizations and their background models, views and data
Catalog Enter and manage a searchable and stylable catalog of data items
Report Manager Create and Manage list and graph reports and report templates
Enterprise Search Fuzzy, tag and category search of all your account data and present it in search engine snippet or image style
Management Dashboard Define widgets (gauges, charts) and compose your own Dashboard with it