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Project Management

Published on 22 Aug 2016

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Generate your Project Management Views

On Dragon1 it is possible to generate your project management view based on data on a model.

As long as you model contains tasks, durations, dependencies and dates, a project management view can be generated.

Suppose you are a project manager or an architect and want to present your portfolio of projects to stakeholders, showing this PM view next to other systems views is of highly added value.

Use Dragon1 for Project Management

Not only can you create GANTT Charts here on Dragon1, you can also create or generate any visualization (model, diagram or presentation) that you need in managing projects

Example visualizations you can create on Dragon1 are:

  • Project Landscape Map
  • GANTT Chart
  • Stakeholder Onion Diagram
  • System Decomposition Diagram / Work break down structure
  • Management Presentation
  • Resource Utilization Matrix
  • Tracking Time

Here you can read more about Dragon1 as tool for Project Management

Top Six Project Management Tasks

Dragon1 supports you in doing the top six project management tasks:

  • Planning Projects
  • Managing Tasks (via the build in task manager application)
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Documents
  • Sharing Calendars and Contact Lists
  • Managing Issues or Bugs

Check out the Project Management to watch examples visualizations we have prepared for you and content others have published on these project management tasks.

Publish Internally in the Content Viewer

Dragon1 is a modeling, diagramming and presentation platform. You can create repositories in your account and publish content publicly in channels and watch pages, or privately for internal usage only. The content than can be watch in the Content Viewer.

Dragon1 PRO

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