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Published on 01 May 2018

GDPR Compliance using a Business Process Landscape

In order to give people more control over their privacy and other data, the EU enforces GDPR from May 25, 2018.

This means that every organization must comply with certain rules.

You can use Dragon1 to be ready for General Data Protection Regulation. On Dragon1, you can carry out all the tasks to become GDPR compliant and show your compliance anytime it is requested.

What are you Seeing Here?

The visualization you see here is an interactive process landscape or process diagram landscape. It shows a generic layout for a business process overview for any organization: the processes are grouped into governing, executing, and supporting processes. Within these groups, some processes are grouped again and some or not.

gdpr compliance

At the right-hand side your buttons and a counter.

By clicking the buttons you can highlight with a color which processes have certain data attributes. And you can hide a subset process (using the small hide button), or highlight if there is a legal basis for using certain data in your processes. Because of GDPR that is what we want to know or fix, to prevent getting a fine.

If you click on a button, you will see the counter sum of the total of processes and the subset of processes that match the criteria.

If you click on the first process at the left top, you see a link in the left bar to view a detailed diagram of the process.

You can leave comments on a Dragon1 visualization by clicking Add Comment, you can view who has changed and updated this visualization via built-in reports and you can search and filter any piece of visual data. Just give all the features in the left bar a try.

GDPR Checklist / Task list

This example was build here on the Dragon1 SaaS platform for Visual Enterprise Architecture.

For users on Dragon1 we have provided an onboard GDPR Checklist / Task list. Every day you can take a step and work towards GDPR compliance.

For instance, you can create a process landscape, application landscape, and data landscape like the one shown here and create views on top of them to view and to show where you are using sensitive data or where you are asking for consent the way GDPR enforces.


Are you interested in using Dragon1 for GDPR Compliance for Security?

Please contact and together we can take the first steps.

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