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Published on 15 Sep 2016

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Creating Use Case Diagrams on Dragon1

Dragon1 is an online modeling and presentation platform.

The use case you see is created on Dragon1 in the Visual Designer web application.

You can create this also. Just create a free account and you will be on your way in a few seconds.

What is a Use Case Diagram?

A use case diagram is a diagram that shows what user require from a system.

This example shows the requirements some actors have for a coffee machine that needs to be purchased or designed.

Use Case Diagrams are a wonderful tool for Enterprise Architects to collect requirements.

Strangely enough most Enterprise Architects do not create Use Cases.

The reasons behind that are probably:

  • They are not educated in Use Cases,
  • They do not consider that collecting requirements is part of their job,
  • They are not into creating diagram as a designer of total concepts.

In all three cases I would say: START CREATING USE DIAGRAMS. Your stakeholdes will love it.

More Benefits with Use Case Diagrams

Did you know that you can show reuse of functionality on a Use Case Diagram?. Or better: lack of reuse!

Did you know that you can reduce the complexity of a system design creating a Use Case Diagram?

This type of diagram, part of UML, the Unified Modeling Language from OMG, recognizes the following extensions: Include, Extend and Generalization. With these three extensions you can take all kinds of design decisions.

Dragon1 Help System >> Lesson

On our Dragon1 Help System you find a detailed tutorial on how to create a use case diagram on Dragon1.

If you have any question about creating use case diagrams or using Dragon1, please do not hesitate to contact us via