ArchiMate Application Component Diagram

ArchiMate modeling

Published on 19 Oct 2015

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About the ArchiMate Application Component Diagram

This is an interactive ArchiMate Application Component Diagram created here on the Dragon1 platform.

Tracking and tracing is enabled on this model and auto popups are switched off.

If you move your mouse over an item, all related items one step and two steps away are highlighted.

This model shows the relationships between entities in this Component diagram.

You can create models on Dragon1 like this, compliant to the underlying meta-model and also change that meta-model to fit your situation better.

Create Your ArchiMate Models

Dragon1 conforms to the Open Group ArchiMate Certification and has been certified in the past as the 4th ArchiMate Tool ever.

You can visit the ArchiMate Tool page here and buy a user license subscription online if you like, or request a quote.

Download Tutorials on Archimate Viewpoints

Dragon1 is an online software editor for ArchiMate and if you are new to ArchiMate, you might want to have a list with 25 tips for beginners on how to create ArchiMate Viewpoints the right way.

Everyone that buys a user license gets a list with 25 tips for free on how to make the viewpoints the best way. In that zip file, you will find a pdf presentation with 25 slides and per slide a tip for creating ArchiMate viewpoints.

Example ArchiMate Tip

Before creating the first ArchiMate diagram ever, always create a naming convention document. Choose the language you use in the diagrams, either English or your local language. Don't mix them.

Choose your syntax for processes and choose if the names are logical and or physical names. Is it always a noun(s), verb, noun + verb or verb + noun combination and do you include or exclude location or domains. For instance: b2b sales UK, selling b2b online, monitoring b2b sales UK, UK b2b sales monitoring, b2b sales online UK. It is very wise to work with your own standard for naming your entities (meaningful) in ArchiMate diagrams.

We've got more

Because ArchiMate as language is missing concepts like Activity, Capability, Ability, Disability, Robot, Person and Architecture, we have added them as a Dragon1 extension to the language.

Read also more about the ArchiMate viewing service Dragon1 loves ArchiMate.