Dragon1 Loves ArchiMate

The Dragon1 Viewer provides an ArchiMate viewing service for everyone. You can provide an official Archimate XML file parameter.

Here on the Dragon1 SaaS platform you can import data and draw ArchiMate diagrams in the Dragon1 Visual Designer. Next, you can publish them to the Dragon1 Viewer, so that stakeholders can view the diagrams for their purposes.

This ArchiMate viewing service shows that the diagrams can be published 100% compliant with the official ArchiMate v3.1 specification.

If you have an ArchiMate file, locally on your computer, or somewhere out on the web or intranet, you can view it on the Dragon1 Viewer. Also, you can export any ArchiMate diagram from the Viewer to the official ArchiMate XML file format.

Below you see some common files that The Open Group has published on ArchiMate.

Just click on the link and see that file is provided as a parameter to the Dragon1 Viewer and is shown correctly.

NOTE: If you click on a shape, you will get the navigation bar at the right. Uncheck lock shapes to move the shapes around. Select a shape and change the text or the color of an item or add attributes to it and give these attributes values.

Interoperability Test #1

Interoperability Test #2

Interoperability Test #3

Interoperability Test #4

Interoperability Test #5

Interoperability Test #6

Interoperability Test #7

Interoperability Test #8

Interoperability Test #9

Participate by Sending Views

ArchiMate has defined a set of Views. We are interested to receive links to files that provide these views.

Below you see the list of default views defined:

  • Organization
  • Application Platform
  • Information Structure
  • Technology
  • Layered
  • Physical
  • Product
  • Application Usage
  • Technology Usage
  • Business Process Cooperation
  • Application Cooperation
  • Service Realization
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Goal Realization
  • Goal Contribution
  • Principles
  • Requirements Realization
  • Motivation
  • Strategy
  • Capability Map
  • Outcome Realization
  • Resource Map
  • Project
  • Migration
  • Implementation and Migration
  • Stakeholder

Start to Run with Dragon1

If you are interested to draw ArchiMate diagrams on Dragon1 and use them to manage innovation, please contact us via info@dragon1.com.

Architecting Solutions

DEMO: Capability Mapping Software

Generate a Change Impact Analysis - Projects Apps Capabilities

Use any repository or Excel Sheet
DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Example

DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Diagram - Measure Rules Compliance

Manufacturing, Financial Solutions
DEMO: Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint to discover and solve RISK

Banking, Logistics, Healthcare
DEMO: Strategy Map Template

DEMO: Generate Strategy Map on how to INNOVATE with AI

Automotive, Financial Services, Health Care
DEMO: Process Application Map

DEMO: Generate Process Application Landscape for RPA

Government, Logistics, Banking
DEMO: Data Mapping Software

DEMO: Generate Application Landscape for SECURITY

Retail, Agriculture, Oil & Gas