Dragon1 Introduction


Published on 03 Jun 2018

Team Collaboration

Dragon1 is a SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture Management, Transformation and Innovation.

Dragon1 supports different roles to create dynamic views, strategy views, architecture views and transformation views in online collaboration.

Dynamic Views

Dragon1 is unique for its dynamic views.

As the visualization shows: you import data or enter data manually. You create models together by linking the data. You define views as a filter on top of the models. The views are updated automatically as they filter only data from models.

Next, you link a visualization template to the views to have the views visualized as you want to.

Finally, stakeholders can view the visualizations in the Viewer, comment on them and slice and dice them to their likeness, or even change the used icons.

Enterprise Strategy Views

Dragon1 supports creating views of the strategy by CxOs and managers for CxOs and managers. With the available templates, anyone can design, model and visualize business models and strategy maps.

dragon1 introduction

Go to the demos and try Dragon1.

Architecture Views

Dragon1 supports ArchiMate, TOGAF, UML and BPMN and with that, any architect can create an architecture view he or she needs.

Transformation Views

Any program or project or agile epic can be modeled, visualized and monitored on the Dragon1 platform.

We have developed a specific view, called a project application capabilities map. Any project manager or project worker will have a lot of benefits from creating and using a project's applications capabilities map.

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