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Published on 09 Nov 2016

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Create and Setup a User Profile

On the Dragon1 platform, you can create and setup a user profile. A user profile consists of information about your work life and personal life, like your working experience and education. You decide what information in your user profile is published and not published publicly or privately.

Dragon1 has free evaluation accounts, so create your Trial account here.

After that, confirm your account and login. Go to the workplace and upload your photo and setup your profile.

dragon1 user profile

Have Your User Profile Indexed on Google

You can choose to have your user profile indexed in Google or not. If you do, it will look something like:

dragon1 user profile in Google

Why Create a User Profile?

If you create a user profile anyone in the world will be able to know of you and to contact you for sharing knowledge and experience, interest you in a project or a new job.

You can setup your profile so people can ask you direct questions. And you can see which other Dragon1 users have looked at your profile.

If you make your user profile public, it wil be findable on the user search page:

dragon1 users profiles

Tutorial on How To Create a User Profile

On the Dragon1 Help, you can find a lot of information on how to create and set up a user profile:

Get Support in Creating Your User Profile

If you need any help in creating and setting up your user profile on Dragon1, call the service desk via +31 (0)317 42 08 42. Or mail us via