ArchiMate Diagram Example Derived Structural Relationship

ArchiMate modeling

Published on 05 Feb 2015

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About the ArchiMate Diagram

This is an interactive ArchiMate Diagram created here on the Dragon1 Platform.

With this visualization you can communicate strategic issues to Board members and directors about how transitions in the business and IT will take place and what their alignment/dependencies are.

Creating a ArchiMate Diagram like this has several specific benefits:

  • It creates common insights and overviews for decision makers
  • The dependencies in the diagram are always traceable and trackable (via visual click and highlighted path)
  • Communicate impact of changes and chosen alternative solutions
  • People in projects can use this diagram immediately for design and realization purposes

Using this visual as integral design within your organization improves the fitness for use and readiness for the future of the organization.

Creating Architecture Diagrams yourself on Dragon1

An architecture diagram is a diagram that shows stakeholders, needs, requirements, concepts, principles, patterns, elements, components, objects, technical products, rules and decisions in relation to a subject.

This ArchiMate diagram shows the relationship of elements. This type of diagram one could qualify as a dependency viewpoint.

When you login to Dragon1 after purchasing a user license, you can drag detailed Dragon1 tutorials onto your own Digital Workplace for creating strategic visuals.

We have prepared some Dragon1 tutorials for you to give you a first impression in creating Architecture Diagrams on the Dragon1 Platform.

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