Presenting Future Technologies in 2050

Tips for Managers

Published on 24 Aug 2016

Engage Your Customers With Your Vision

This visualization is an example of how you can present to your customers, the future technologies that you are going to use in your future products, services, processes, organizations and systems.

By doing this you will for instance start discussions and be the master of that discussion.

What is Dragon1?

Dragon1 is an online modeling and presentation platform.

You can create any kind of model, diagram or presentation here.

Fields of work Dragon1 is used are:

  • Marketing Communication
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Modeling
  • Strategy Development
  • IT Management

Channels and Watch Pages

Once you have your visualization published externally on a watch page like this, others can comment it.

You can even create your own channel to group visualizations in.

If you create a trial account you can create these kind of interactive presentations to evaluate Dragon1.


If you want to publish your visualization only internally, it is accessible for other account members here in the viewer.

As creator of the visualization you can choose whether or not people need to be logged in before they see your visualization in the content viewer.

Do You Have an Action Plan for the Future?

Every company should make a policy on how to incorporate these future technologies.

Let's call it the action plan for the future!

Do you already have an action plan?

Dragon1 PRO

You can evaluate Dragon1 using a trial account.

When you want use Dragon1 professionally, we recommend you to buy a PRO user license.

Not only will you have more features, but also you are serviced and supported by us via the Service Desk.

All focused on increasing your productivity creating value added models, diagrams and presentations.

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