Architecture Diagram - What is the Value for Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture

Published on 28 Dec 2018

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Architecture Diagram

This visualization is an architecture diagram. It shows a coherent set of concepts that are required because of the strategy of the organization.

If the directors of the organization would approve this diagram, then every project or innovation in the company will have to align its design and realization activities to this diagram.

Also progress on implementing concepts and conflicts or problems between concepts can be visualized here.

One of the objectives of the architects will be to create a detailed concept design per concept, showing the principles of the concepts.

Watch the interactive version of this architecture diagram by clicking on it, and click on a concept to view its detailed principle diagram. For instance, click on the Chatbot concept, or click on the Strategy Map to do the demo.

Here you can read more about the definition of an Architecture Diagram

What is the Value?

The arising question by many people is: What is the value of Enterprise Architecture?

Dragon1 answers that question as follows:

Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps to manage complexity and to deal with change. An enterprise architecture is the conceptual blueprint of a company. It can be created in the form of a set of views of important aspects of the organization. These views, often visualized as architecture diagrams, help to cut IT costs, standardize technology, mitigate risks, improve processes, realize strategy and enable innovation. Stakeholders of the company use the views to support their decision making on issues and concerns. Project managers and workers use the views to guide their activities in the projects.

On the Use Cases page you can read about these benefits in more detail.

This Architecture Diagram is one of these views of the conceptual blueprint. The architecture diagram helps to communicate and to decide which concepts are of strategic importance for the company to do absolutely right and which are not.

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