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Published on 27 Oct 2018

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Health Informatics Security Architecture

The interactive architecture visualization for health informatics is an anonymized example overview of a blueprint for a hospital. One of the things it was used by the stakeholders and management of the organization was to determine the key players, key information and security dependencies on IT for delivering the required strategic results. The time it takes from the ambulance to the operating room was shortened significantly, using an EA blueprint like this at the hospital. Certain processes, delays and data exchange could be optimized with it.

Most hospitals currently do not make use of a Security Enterprise Architecture blueprint yet for health informatics, when in fact it is very easy to generate such a blueprint for any organization on Dragon1. A blueprint like this gives an overview and insights into how well people, data, security and technology are used in the organization to realize objectives and goals. And this perfectly aligns with its definition.

What is Health Informatics?

The definition of Health Informatics is: connecting people, data, security and technology optimally in order to improve healthcare outcomes and increase safety. It is making better use of global technological advancements and innovation to support operations.

security architecture health informatics

Synonyms for the term of this page are also biomedical informatics, medical informatics, nursing informatics, healthcare informatics, clinical informatics or healthcare informatics. It is actually information engineering, but now applied within the area of health care.

Part of Health Informatics is all to measure very well what is going in an organization or value chain and to relate the measurements against benchmarks or KPIs. You can measure things at a strategic level, like in the EA example, and you can measure things at operational, like in the fever chart below. It does not matter as long as it helps to improve healthcare outcomes.

On the Dragon1 platform, you can create blueprints, landscapes, roadmaps, with dashboards showing indicators on them with KPIs. This turns Dragon1 into a solution for health informatics.

High Quality Data

The outcomes of health care are improved when the data used is improved. The more you know about a patients situation real-time, the better you can treat a patient. As a result of health informatics solutions and systems are designed to improve the overall of effectiveness of patient care delivery by ensuring that the data generated is of a high quality. Below is an example screenshot of a medical information system that shows an electronic patient fever chart.

There are several international standards on this subject. These are for instance: ICS 35.240.80 and ISO 27799:2008

health care informatics fever chart

Example screenshot of an electronic patient chart, providing information on fever.

Read more about this fever chart on slideshare.

Read more about informatics in health on wikipedia.

Using Dragon1 for Healthcare Informatics

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If you are interested in using Dragon 1 for health informatics and generating your own Enterprise Architecture blueprint, you can create a trial account or contact us via

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