Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template - Big Five (#1)

Enterprise Architecture

Published on 01 Dec 2015

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How can you manage projects successfully with this Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template?

Every project has a plan and a design. Either implicit or yet better: explicit. In that plan and design the concepts, elements and components are mentioned that together form the solution that the project realizes. It is these concepts, elements and components you want to draw on a piece of (digital) paper, and know their interrelationships and dependencies.

On Dragon1 you can model and visualize the concepts, elements and components efficiently with this enterprise architecture blueprint template.

Next you can define indicators that color, show or hide a concept, element or component based on input data. For instance, if on a certain date certain processes still have not been designed (according to the plan), the indicators will color them automatically red on the blueprint, if you want.

Also you can define action paths. Meaning that if you click on a visual item on the poster, other items respond to that click: show the indicator (color, etc..), highlight or even play a sound or show a popup with a YouTube video in it.

In this way you can have a daily, weekly or monthly status / progress report of your project and take the right measures based on what you see.

Do you know all about Projects?

As enterprise architecture has its biggest added value in ensuring projects to be successful, it also very important to exactly know what a project is and what it takes to run a successful project.

The IT project auditing checklist on our Project Management software page is the only thing you need to make sure every project is a success.

You can download the official IT Project auditing document here:
Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist
Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist NL (Dutch Version)

Enterprise Architecture Overview - Dragon1 Example and Template

This maybe the first time you see an Enterprise Architecture.

What you see here is a total concept of concepts that are carefully picked based on a strategy.

Every concept here is designed globally (as principle diagram) and in detail.

Projects use the global and detailed designs (or projections) of the concepts to design and realize their solutions.

Design your Enterprise Architecture on Dragon1

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