Enterprise Architecture Training Program

Dragon1 eLearning

Are you an experienced architect that want to refresh his knowledge or do you want to become an architect?

Do you have 30 minutes of time every week to do some training exercises?

Here we offer you an Enterprise Architecture Training Program with Dragon1 eLearning.

Dragon1 eLearning is what it says to be: In your own time at your own place you can train yourself in Enterprise Architecture.

Of course, you're not alone and not on your own. You will be supported by our service desk using the digital workplace giving your tips and tricks about doing your exercises, but also fellow users of Dragon1 can answer questions you have about the enterprise architecture training, the software and the Dragon1 open Method.

Examples of what you will learn in the Enterprise Architecture Training

Regardless of the language or method you use, you as an architect will create business process diagrams, applications landscapes, enterprise blueprints, technology roadmaps, management dashboards, migration scenarios and architecture principles amongst other things.

Following a Dragon1 eLearning module for Enterprise Architecture you will know for sure by the end you are able to create these products.

What is Dragon1 eLearning

Dragon1 eLearning is simple and easy. You just take a subscription to Dragon1 and buy an Enterprise Architecture eLearning training that suits you. Then you are good to go.

The eLearning modules consist of interactive lessons that lead you through theory and practice in the software. In the end, you will always have mastered creating certain professional architecture products.

The eLearning modules present training material in an interactive way: You'll get text, video and sound to read, watch or listen. Next, you get to do an exercise or you are asked to answer some questions.

In this way you will follow a certain path making you learn Enterprise Architecture in an easy way. You also learn how to use the Dragon1 platform.

Some people have an EA Tool or BPM Tool at work but feel the need to study Enterprise Architecture for certain aspects. In that case, you are perfectly set with Dragon1.

Because Dragon1 is cloud-based software, you can fit eLearning into your working day schedule. We have structured the eLearning courses in such a way that they can be fitted in your work schedule easily.

Some architects have already published their products on their own Dragon1 portfolio. Check out an example portfolio here: https://www.dragon1.com/user/markpaauwe/portfolio

How to Start?

Our Training Program with Dragon1 eLearning currently consist out of the following training courses:

  1. Dragon1 Basic User Tool Training
  2. Foundation Training

After you have taken your subscription you will receive a user license and see the eLearning module activated in your tool environment as a content package.

After you have logged in simple click on readme first in the eLearning Module and you are on your way learning Enterprise Architecture.

More information

If you want to have more information about Dragon1 eLearning, please contact us via info@dragon1.com or call +31 (0)317 41 13 41.