Training Course: Dragon1 Bridge

Level 1, 2 & 3 Certification

Benefits of Dragon1 Bridge

  • 1. Learning Enterprise Architecture at Expert Level

  • 2. Making Maximum Use of Your Experience

  • 3. Learning how to be successful in managing risks at your organization with architecture visualizations

Dragon1 Bridge is the training course and route for experienced architects to become a Dragon1 Certified Architect. If you have experience as an architect you may skip some of the theoretical modules, or want to give them less attention and dive deeper into the best practices of the Dragon1 method by making more complex architecture products.

Dragon1 Certified Architect

Dragon1 Bridge is the training course and level 1, 2 & 3 certification for Experienced Architects (having certification or several years of working experience in enterprise architecture, other methods, frameworks and languages) in the Dragon1 Open EA Method.

Dragon1 Bridge is the tailor made version for experienced architects. Individuals may be exempt from Dragon1 Foundation, Practitioner or Professional training course modules due to the knowledge and skills acquired through previous course work or work experience.

Specialization for IT Infrastructure Architects

For experienced architects we offer also a specialized Dragon1 Bridge Training for IT Infrastructure Architects. This optional in addition to the initial Dragon1 Bridge Training.

For more information please contact the Dragon1 Academy via

Dragon1 Training Courses Overview

Process Application Landscape Map

Project Landscape Map

You will learn to create and use landscape maps as guide in projects and management

Training Course Agenda 2017

Start of Training Course 27 November 2017
Wageningen, The Netherlands

November 27, 2017 - Dragon1 Bridge, Class 4 of 2017 starts in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Apply here or request information.

Dragon1 Bridge is a 10 day parts training course and certification in the Dragon1 Open EA Method, provided only by accredited organizations, learning you the basics of the Dragon1 Open EA Method. This training course includes the official Dragon1 Bridge Training exam (40 mpc questions). The practical exam will be held throughout the training course by student finishing 10 professional architecture products from filled-in visualizations templates.

The training will be finished with the theoretical Dragon1 multiple choice exam.

The training content is based on the Dragon1 Textbook.

Bridge Training Overview

Dragon1 Bridge Training Brochure


By the end of this training course you will: Be productive and effective in a project that work with enterprise architecture, regardless the architecture method or language, because of your fundamental insights and overview of enterprise architecture.

Target Audiences

This training course is intended for experienced architecture, such as enterprise architects, business architecture, information architects and technical architects.

A practical 10 day parts approach

This training is a 10 day part training.

  • Day 1 & 2 - Introduction in Dragon1 open EA Method, Project Portfolio Management, Project Start Architecture (PSA) and PXA (Solution Architecture), Architecture Concepts and Principles
  • Day 3 & 4 - Working with Architecture, Stakeholder Management, Business Cases, Quality Control, Requirements Management
  • Day 5 & 6 - Design Activities, Processes, Proces Models, Business Functions Model, Architecture Principles: Types and Categories
  • Day 7 & 8 - Information Systems, Applications, Modules, Interfaces and Data, Information (Structure) Model and Domain Model, Concepts, Functions and Capabilities
  • Day 9 & 10 - Visualizations, Dragon1 EA Framework

Professional Architecture Products

In this training course the participant will be made familiar with the following defined professional Dragon1 architecture products and per product learn how to create it from scratch (via examples, checklists & templates):

  • Blueprints
  • Landscapes
  • Roadmaps
  • Prototypes

Each of the 10 day parts the participant will be asked via exercise (homework) to create an architecture product. After this training course every participant will have his own personal architecture portfolio. The architecture products will be reviewed for the certification 'Dragon1 Certified Architect' at the end of this course.

Classroom Based, eLearning and Blended Learning

This training course is classroom based, eLearning and blended learning. This all depends on the participants preferences.

Either way you will always have a certified trainer face-2-face or via chat, mail or skype, commenting the results of your exercises and discuss one on one topics with you.


This training course is accredited by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. The exam is part of the training course. This training course includes the official Dragon1 Bridge training exam. The practical exam will be held throughout the training course.

The training will be rounded off with a theoretical exam. After passing the examination, you will be registered in the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation register of 'Dragon1 Certified Architect' (Level 3). The exam language is English or Dutch.


This training course is setup especially for those architects who have years of working experience in enterprise architecture and/or in using other methods, frameworks, languages and tools.

If you want speeded up training in Dragon1, this is your training course!


The training course is held in Wageningen at our headquarters. Class size is 8 persons at maximum.

The costs for this Dragon1 Bridge training course is USD $4.100,- or EUR € 3.175,- excl. VAT per participant, including the costs of the textbook and the costs for the exam.

Client organizations can request a training location if they have a group of 5 people or more at once. Additional costs will be charged.

If you want to read this information in Dutch, you can visit also the Dragon1 Academy.