Dragon1 Basic User tool training

Delivering insight at organizational opportunities

Dragon1 Visual EA Language is the visual language for Enterprise Architecture with which one can create visual architecture products to support strategic decision-making. Business Issues and IT Solutions are presented integrally and uniformly with these visual products.

Dragon1 SaaS software is for creating these visual architecture products with.

When your organization uses or considers using Dragon1 software, this is the training to learn to apply the basic concepts and instruments of Dragon1.

This training course includes the official Dragon1 Basic User Tool exam (40 tool exercises). The practical exam will be held throughout the training course. The training will be rounded off with a theoretical Dragon1 Basic User Tool exam. The training content is based on Dragon1.

Three Objectives

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be familiar with the user interface, menu structure, and basic functionality of Dragon1
  • Be familiar with EA, BPM, ArchiMate, and UML
  • Be familiar with the Dragon1 Visual EA Language (symbols and syntax)
  • Be able to create a design sketch of a total concept, a structure vision, and a blueprint with Dragon1

Three Target Audiences

This training course is intended for managers, architects, and analysts who will apply the Dragon1 software in their daily work.

Three Days Approach

This training uses interactive learning forms to help you familiarize yourself with the complete content of Dragon1. To prepare yourself for the theoretical Dragon1 User Tool exam, you will be practicing exam questions during the training course. Before the start of this training course, you will need about 16 hours of preparation and study.

The trainer provides the course in English, and the training material is in English or Dutch.

This training is a 3-day training.

  • Day 1 - Dragon1 User Interface, Menu Items, and Functionality basics of the tool - the 1-day button click course
  • Day 2 - Dragon1 Visual EA Language Basics using the tool - the 1-day visual language course
  • Day 3 - Dragon1 Visual Architecture Products creation using the software tool - the 1-day architecture visualization course

On day 1 all of the core symbols of the visual language are covered.

On day 2 general functionality of every application in Dragon1 as EA Tool, BPM Tool, and/or ArchiMate Tool is touched. This daypart is also known as the button click course.

On day 3, we use the visual designer to generate and create visualizations with the visual designer and make visualizations interactive in the Viewer.

If participants have their practical case we can fit that into the course materials.

Blended Learning

This training course is blended learning. The training can be followed class-based but also done self-paced via eLearning or combined. This all depends on the preferences of the participant. Different costs apply to class-based modules and eLearning modules.

Either way, you will always have a certified trainer face to face or via chat, mail, or Zoom, commenting on the results of your exercises and discussing the topic with you.


This training course is accredited by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. The exam is part of the training course. This training course includes the official Dragon1 Basic User Tool exam. The practical exam will be held throughout the training course. The training will be rounded off with a theoretical exam.

After passing the examination, you will be registered in the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation register of a 'Certified Dragon1 Basic Tool User'. The exam language is English or Dutch.


To attend this training course, at least several months of general architecture experience is mandatory.

Agenda and Costs

The training course is in-company or on-site. Clients can put up their preferences for the training location.

The costs for this Dragon1 Basic User Tool Training is USD $2785,- ex VAT or EUR 2.550,- ex VAT per participant. The class size is 6 people.

For more information, please contact us via sales@dragon1.com or call +31 (0)317 41 13 41.

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