Visual Control of IT Strategy and EA

Visual Control of IT Strategy and EA

Evaluate Dragon1 as potential visual strategic management instrument in 3 days

Dragon1 Inc. organizes in collaboration with the Founder of Dragon1,
Mark Paauwe, a Mini Conference on EA Tooling for incompany / on site.

  • 3 three days and 9 sessions of inspiration for ambitious people
  • Get hands on experience with the Dragon1 Software and explore the key concepts of the Dragon1 EA Framework and Method
  • Exercise on trends and issues of your choice and create practical visual architecture products

1. Objectives

The main objective of this Mini Conference is for you as CxO (CIO, CFO, ...) to be able to evaluate Dragon1 as potential visual strategic management instrument.

The following trending topics  are discussed and you will learn to sketch the concepts and draw the principles of these important concepts:

  • Enterprise Innovation
  • Enterprise Governance
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Cloud Integration
  • Mobile Computing
  • Big Data
  • Social Media
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Services
  • Information Security

After this Mini Conference you are able to deal with all these concepts above in a visual strategic way as CIO or Lead Enterprise Architect.

You can take better decisions if you can create architectural designs and do impact analysis regarding these concepts.

Another objective of this Mini Conference is that you have an option to make a weighted decision between existing architecture frameworks and tooling.

2. Target Audience

The target audience of this Dragon1 Mini Conference is the CIO and the Lead Architect of the organization together with other board members, senior executives and management.

3. Sessions

The Dragon1 Mini Conference holds 9 sessions for you in 3 days. Covering all you need to know to be able to evaluate by yourself.

There are tool sessions, method sessions and exercise sessions for hands on experience in creating and using visual architecture products.

4. Program

The schedule of this Mini Conference is modulair. Every participant builds up knowledge, insight, overview and hands on experience following the three day program.

Every day a balanced program is provided with tooling, method and exercise, all focused around a trend, issue or case you brought in.

5. Register

Registration is made very easy.

By mailing to or calling +31 317 41 13 41, you can register the organization, yourself, the participants and the preferred location for this Dragon1 Mini Conference.

6. About us

We are Dragon1 Inc., the Software Company. We have developed Dragon1 SaaS Platform and Dragon1 EA Framework and EA Method.

With this Mini Conference we offer you the ability to evaluate Dragon1 for internal use as strategic management instrument.

More Information

If you are interested in this 3 day Dragon1 Mini Conference, please contact us via email at