Masterclass Visual Enterprise Architecture

Register for the Dragon1 Masterclass Visual Enterprise Architecture in Wageningen, The Netherlands or on-site (in agreement with each other): Register here or contact the Dragon1 Academy:

Start date MSC2019 #1: January 18, 2019, 8 seats are available.


Reasons to Attend this Enterprise Architecture Masterclass

This Masterclass is aimed at developing the EA competency of the Medior and Experienced Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Security Architect, Information Architect and IT Architect

  • Learn to create modern business architecture and lean products

    Customer Journey, Business Capabilities Diagram and more.

  • Learn to answer the growing demand for new technologies by the business better

    Deal with Agile, IoT, Blockchain and AI.

  • Learn how management and board of directors can use your products to measure, monitor and govern transformation

    Plan, Do, Check, Act!

Why a Masterclass on Visual Enterprise Architecture?

Many organizations today are faced with massive simultaneous transformations. In the area of products, services, processes, applications and IT systems, often everything is turned upside down due to a new vision or strategy.

Examples of this new vision and strategy are: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Digitization, Phase Out Fossil Fuel, Smart Cities, GDPR (AVG), Ecosystems, Agile and IoT.

Enterprise Architecture is a wonderful way of thinking and working for managing simultaneous changes in the right direction. We call that: Leading Transformation.

What is a better approach than to communicate and to steer with Enterprise Architecture, the set of necessary concepts, principles and standards for transformation, through visualizations?

In this master class, everyone from the director to programmer learns exactly what Visual Enterprise Architecture is and how you can use this in your own organization in addition to how you work now.

About the Dragon1 Masterclass

Dragon1 organizes this masterclass course with a continuous open registration. For the exclusive master class there are 8 places per class. The program has a modular structure.

You follow 12 modules on 12 days, carefully selected on the basis of best practices.

  • Each module lasts 4 hours and consists of a combination of theory, provided by a subject teacher, and best practices, in the form of a practical assignment.

  • During this Masterclass, standards such as BPMN, UML, TOGAF and ArchiMate will also be discussed and their relationship with the Dragon1 method for Enterprise Architecture.

Do you have reference Architectures such as NORA, GEMMA or HORA in your work? Or does your organization have its own Reference Architecture? Then we would like to pay attention to this, how you and others can use it effectively in the work.

After this enterprise architecture training you will have a good overview of the course Enterprise Architecture and you will be able to assess architecture products and to work on the completion of architecture products.

This training is of added value for every architect: for senior architects a refresher course and for junior architects the chance to get better at the job.

Are you an enterprise architect, business architect, information architect, technical architect, security architect or solution architect? Then in this Masterclass we have special attention in the form of focused theory and assignments.

Read more about the Dragon1 Method op Wikipedia

Practical Exercises with an EA SaaS Platform

During the master class you are provided with access to Dragon1, the SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture.

For instance, you will be using the platform to design and visualize your own solution architecture for a concept in your organization.