Training Course: Dragon1 Foundation

Level 1 Certification

Benefits of Dragon1 Foundation training course

  • Learn to review and improve enterprise architecture products

  • Learn to use enterprise architecture for decision support

  • Learn to use enterprise architecture in projects

Dragon1 Certified Architect & Architecture Professional

Dragon1 Foundation is the training course for level 1 certification as Dragon1 Certified Architect of Dragon1 Architecture professional (without prior certification or work experience in other architecture methods or languages).

Participants that execute the assignments and produce the architecture artifacts will become Dragon1 Certified Architect, level 1. Other participants will become Dragon1 Certified Architecture Professional.

Visual Enterprise Architecture Design

Dragon1 open EA Method is all about the design and visualization of enterprise architecture and solution architectures. And that is exactly what you will learn in Dragon1 Foundation: What are the benefits and guidelines to design and visualize Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architectures effectively for stakeholders.

Dragon1 Training Courses Overview

Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

You will learn how to review, complete (fill-in templates) and use these kind of enterprise architecture visualizations in this training course.

Project Landscape Map

Project Landscape Map

You will learn to use enterprise architecture effectively as guide in projects.

Agenda 2017

Start of Training Course 20 November 2017
Wageningen, The Netherlands

November 20, 2017 - Dragon1 Foundation, Class 4 of 2017 starts in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Apply here or request information.

When your organization considers working with enterprise architecture to control risks in strategic transformations or wants to make use of enterprise architecture more effective, Dragon1 Foundation training course can be considered.

CIOs momentarily have a priority in increasing EA knowledge in the organization. For that Dragon1 Foundation is perfectly suited!

Dragon1 Foundation is a 2 day training course and certification in the Dragon1 open EA Method, provided only by accredited organizations, learning you the basics of Dragon1. The participant creates his or her architecture portfolio.


Dragon1 Foundation Training Brochure

By the end of this training course you will:

  • Familiar with the Visual Enterprise Architecture core model of Dragon1 (architecture terms, reference models, basic symbols);
  • Familiar to view architecture as a total concept;
  • Learn to use and review common professional architecture baseline products, such as architecture visualizations and architecture documentation;
  • Recognize the correct formulation and effective visualization of architecture principles;
  • Learn how to recognize good assignments (on the basis of program of requirements) for creating architecture visualizations that support decision making in the organization, especially in projects.

Target Audiences

This training course is intended for architects and architecture professionals, such as CIOs, managers, policy workers, advisors, project workers and analysts, who are interested or concerned with architecture in the organizations.


Dragon1 Fundamentals textbook is used as basis for the training content. This textbook will zoom in on the fundamentals of the open EA Method.

The textbook sheds a new perspective on Enterprise Architecture as a total concept, defined professional visualizations and architecture products and an approach to govern and apply those products in order to design, create and realize integral solutions.

A must read for every architecture professional!

A practical 2 day approach

This training uses interactive learning forms to help you familiarize yourself with the complete content of Dragon1. The trainer provides the course in English or Dutch and the training material is in English or Dutch. For this training course you will need about 16 hours of preparation and study.

This training is a 2 day training.

  • Day 1 - Visual Enterprise Architecture in practice: Dragon1 Way of Thinking, Dragon1 Way of Representing, Dragon1 Glossary of Terms
  • Day 2 - Visual Architecture Products, Concepts and Principles, Working with Architecture, PSA (Project Start Architecture) – PXA (Solution Architecture)

Every participant gets homework/on-the-job-work to finish 1 or 2 professional architecture products from filled-in templates. If participants have their own practical case we can fit that in into the course materials.

Professional Architecture Products

In this training course the participant will be made familiar with the following defined professional Dragon1 architecture products:

  1. Enterprise Architecture Vision (Design Sketch of a Total Concept)
  2. Business and IT Structure vision
  3. 2d/3d Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  4. 2d/3d Solution Architecture Blueprint
  5. Process Landscape Diagram (A0-sized poster)
  6. Application Landscape Diagram (A0-sized poster)
  7. Architecture Principles document
  8. Glossary of Terms document
  9. PXA (The visual PSA)
  10. Design or Sketch Book
  11. IAD-list

During a training day the participant will be asked via exercise (or homework) to finish one or two architecture products by using a filled-in template. After the training course every participant will have his or her personal architecture portfolio.


This training course and the exam are both accredited by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. To become a Certified Architecture Professional, the Dragon1 Foundation training will be rounded off with a theoretical multiple choice exam. The exam language is English or Dutch.

After passing the examination, you will be registered in the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation register as Dragon1 Certified Architecture Professional, level 1.

Participants that executed the assignments will have their architecture portfolio be reviewed for the certification of Dragon1 Certified Architect, level 1.


No certification or working experience in Enterprise Architecture or certain methods, languages or tools is required.

At least three years of general working experience is advised to have, before you attend this training course.


The training course is held in Wageningen at our headquarters. Class size is 8 persons at maximum.

The costs for this Dragon1 Foundation training course are USD $1575,- or EUR € 1.750,- excl. VAT per participant, including the textbook and training materials.

The exam is not mandatory. If you do want take the exam, then the costs for the examination are USD $400,- or EUR € 247,95 excl. VAT.

Client organizations can request a training location if they have a group of 5 people or more at once. Additional costs will be charged.

For our Dutch participants, you can also visit the Dragon1 Academy for the Dutch information and brochures.